In one of the villas on the island of Saint Barth, in the Caribbean, three models of the brand were used

Extremely simple in its concept, the door is an essential element in interior design, a true furnishing accessory, capable of characterising spaces and environments. It allows one to enter and exit; it guarantees privacy and security but, at the same time, openness and the possibility of escape: an element, therefore, with an ambivalent, symbolic, dialectical meaning. Secondary and instrumental, in relation to the complexity of an architecture, but of extreme importance, changing perspective: it represents, in fact, the first contact with those who enter a house, a building, a room. And when the house is inhabited, the door becomes a large open window that reveals and narrates its interior.

The home as a stage

VIVA doors tell the story of a journey through dwellings around the world, they fit in like stage sets that are always different and customised, transforming the home into a stage. In the French Antilles, the small island of Saint Barth is a prestigious destination with its luxurious villas nestled among green hills sloping down to the sea. In this context, VIVA collaborated on a tailor-made interior decoration project, inserting in one of the villas some models of partition systems, integrated with the architectural style and the surrounding environment.

Light and shade

The wide, open spaces, the soft lines and the tones played on light shades of sand, beige and grey, bring the identity of the island into the home with a warm, enveloping atmosphere, with furnishings positioned to give a vision of total openness to nature. In order to favour maximum light and at the same time welcome the penumbra to create more intimate atmospheres, VIVA has designed three different models of openings, capable of dialoguing with the rooms following the spatial lines of the architectural design.

Three models for every need

In the living area, V3 is integrated, a flush-to-wall hinged door with Lava profiles and light Canaletto walnut wood finish, characterised by geometric details. And to make the most of the living space, with a high level of customisation, VTheca with Lava profiles and extra-clear glass has also been included, installed on the wall with a flush opening, to accommodate unique and precious decorative objects. For the sleeping area, a touch of linearity and rigour is given by the cross-pieces that distinguish the Bellagio sliding door, again with Lava profiles and extra-clear transparent glass.