Between classic and Nordic, Ever Collection is the Christophe Pillet novelty that conquered Maison&Objet Paris

Immersed in the silence and stillness of nature, one can experience feelings of infinity, of timelessness. Eternal" connections with the landscape and the natural environment that suggest how the beauty and majesty of nature are timeless, and how nature can become a source of well-being for people's lives. Ever by Talenti is a collection of furniture for outdoor living that defies time and the endless chasing of trends.

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Making trends eternal

Talenti offers a collection for every environment and context that remains true to itself: modernity and classicism, sophistication and minimalism are the hallmarks of Ever, which does not follow trends but makes them eternal.

Tradition and modernity

Essential lines and rounded cushions characterise evergreen furnishing elements aimed at the future of outdoor living by treasuring the great classics. Slender compositions, versatile in shape and colour, neutral shades inspired by the natural environment, an example of cyclicity and durability. Talenti's new collection focuses on living and dining sets, where wood and lava stone meet for a modern concept with a classic inspiration.

Well-being and comfort

Ever by Talenti is a collection that mixes classic and contemporary. Slightly Nordic and country-oriented: in its relaxed elegance, reasonable proportions and timeless taste. Ingredients for a lifestyle of well-being and comfort.

Variety of materials

Wood and stone, teak with marble, stoneware and Sicilian lava stone, create material combinations that distinguish the collection. Teak is available not only in the classic natural version, but also in an elegant and sophisticated rosewood colour that matches fabrics in white, beige and the 'glacial' mambo pearl.

The curiosity

The lava stone and marble slabs come from Sicily and are made from unique pieces: the top of a two-metre table comes from a slab of at least two metres. Not compositions, therefore, but accurate workmanship and attention to detail to create a unique product.