Built-in appliances impress with high quality, technology and ease of use

Enter the kitchen, the warmest space in the home, to discover technology. The LG built-in appliance collection, launched last year, expands, ensuring the same amazing performance and energy efficiency that has always characterised LG technology solutions.

Technology that surprises

The built-in collection also offers original functions. For example, you can see inside the oven or refrigerator by knocking on the glass. A journey into the future announced by the pay-off: Knocking on your next kitchen. InstaView: knock twice to look inside. Technology used to surprise, but also to rationalise energy consumption and have control of every function of fridges, hobs, ovens and dishwashers at your fingertips.

InstaView ovens: connectivity and safety

The new LG built-in ovens with InstaView technology allow you to look inside the oven with a simple knock on the glass. An instinctive gesture, like asking permission, that completely changes gestures in the kitchen, offering a more intuitive and effective, as well as safe, use. The four-pane oven door guarantees thermal insulation and durability. Cleaning also becomes extremely simple thanks to the EasyClean function that cleans the oven in 10 minutes using steam, and the pyrolysis function that carbonises stubborn residues thanks to the high temperature.

Wide choice of cooking

Numerous cooking methods are possible: in addition to traditional cooking, there is, for example, steam cooking, vacuum cooking and air frying. A journey through the most advanced professional techniques that transforms the home kitchen into a technological and semi-professional space. The compact, knob-less design with touch display is discreet and measured enough to blend into any interior design.

Hobs: flexibility and essential style

The new induction hobs feature four hobs with flex zones and independent slide touch controls for convenience and safety. Black glass finishes are the signature of the contemporary kitchen, bringing a new visual continuity between hobs, tops and appliances. In the 60 and 75 cm gas versions, there is a choice of 4 or 5 burners. The steel finish is the most discreet and traditional, once again so as not to interfere with the design choices of architects and inhabitants of the home.

Dishwashers: QuadWash technology and EasyRack loading system

The built-in dishwasher range features Quad Wash technology: four spray arms with multi-directional rotation for thorough cleaning and maximum efficiency. On the cleaning side, the TrueSteam system sanitises by removing germs and bacteria. The EasyRack loading system with customisable rack and sliding hinges that avoid milling the kitchen plinth complete a design conceived to fit into contemporary spaces.