Design, functionality, innovation: Fabrizio Crisà brings Elica its second Compasso D'Oro with Lhov

The kitchen is probably today the most important room in the home: a space not only dedicated to food preparation but also a place for conviviality, designed, with design elements and cutting-edge technology, to integrate with the living area. Refined design and state-of-the-art technology are the secret of Lhov by Elica, designed by Fabrizio Crisà. Oven, hob and extractor hood together for the first time: Lhov revolutionises the rules for the advanced functions of the three appliances in one, for the essential aesthetics, for the technology of controls and cooking solutions. The black glass surfaces, without knobs and handles, create an elegant visual impact and enhance the linearity of the kitchen design. The oven door opens and closes with a simple touch. The digital display turns controls into simple and immediate gestures.

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Challenging the ordinary

Of standard Lhov by Elica has only the dimensions (90x36 cm) that allow integration into the cabinet, optimising space and enhancing the kitchen. The vacuum core is capable of sucking in fumes and bad smells from both the hob and the oven. The cavity is 30% larger than traditional ovens: for cooking two pans side by side, large food or numerous smaller portions.

Redefining standards

Then there is the combination of traditional and steam cooking and the selective grill, which can only be half-activated, to reduce consumption. Automatic programmes make cooking simple and versatile, and connectivity allows operations to be managed via voice assistant. Lhov by Elica also redefines induction cooking standards by presenting five combinable cooking zones with automatic functions inspired by professional cooking.

The second Compasso d'Oro has arrived...

The kitchen solution by Elica (already the recipient of numerous awards including the ADI Design Index, ADI Design Index Innovation Award, Red Dot Award, IF Design Award, German Design Award, German Innovation Award) has also won the Compasso D'Oro 2024, the international design award now in its 28th edition. Originality, innovation and design have demonstrated the company's vocation to challenge the ordinary, always aiming for excellence.

A strong emotion

"Winning the Compasso d'Oro with a product like Lhov represents for me the 'second' most important celebration of my work as a designer," comments Fabrizio Crisà, Elica's Chief Design Officer. "The second ... because it is the second Compasso d'Oro I have been awarded after the first in 2018 with NikolaTesla! And the second one gives an even stronger emotion because, as with all incredible and extraordinary things, it seemed impossible it could happen again."

Rewriting the rules of the game

"With Lhov, Elica wanted to rewrite the rules of the game, bringing a design solution for the kitchen that fully reflects our evolution as a brand, our approach to innovation and our profoundly Made in Italy DNA," emphasises Francesco Casoli, president of Elica. "Receiving this award today for the second time after more than five years, with a product signed by the same in-house designer, does not only represent a great gratification: it is for us above all a confirmation, an acknowledgement of the strong continuity of ideas, attitude and design that continues to differentiate us globally."