Integrated technology and biophilic design among innovations 2024: a new material for Light Shed and the integrated Organic Response system for Spacepad

One has to imagine a space illuminated by instruments capable of self-regulation and communication. Light sources change temperature and intensity by adapting to natural light. At all times, the light is simply right for people's well-being. In addition, the lighting system receives and transmits information over the network. For example, the number of people present. Or the route to take to find one's way around an exhibition or the next appointments of a work team. One should not simply imagine lamps, but something completely different.

They look like lamps, they are digital tools

This is the present according to iGuzzini, which launches its new brand identity with a pay-off that couldn't be clearer: Light that moves. Which means light that moves, dynamic, responsive, that self-regulates quantity and quality of lighting. But also light that excites and moves people, spaces, information, because the digital ecosystem is enriched with new tools for transmitting data of all kinds. From occupancy to notifications, to mapping museum routes, captions for works of art, and diaries for work teams. They look like lamps, but they are actually digital tools that integrate many functions in the form of commodities, with a disarming simplicity of use: all you need is your voice, or an App on your mobile phone.

Light Shed Linen, biophilic version in linen

And then there is wonder. A quality that innervates any well-made product, but which in light takes on a different meaning. It is a human journey, intimately linked to basic needs, between artifice and the simplest physiology. These are complex answers to very simple questions. The need to surround oneself with natural materials, for example. The new Light Shed Linen, new for 2024, is a biophilic version of a lighting system already widely used in collective spaces. Which in the Linen variant completely changes its register and becomes a product that is also easily imaginable in a home.

Professional standards in every environment

This is, after Light that moves, another hint to understand the direction taken by iGuzzini in recent years. After the first years of residential and domestic lighting, and after the architectural turning point with the first Ufo projector (1977), the brand now reflects on the possibility of bringing professional standards into every environment, including homes. With the same kind of performance in terms of quality, optics, energy saving. Or, taking a conceptual leap, they are thinking of translating informal and intimate materials and atmospheres into contract environments as well.

Lighting for personal well-being

Light Shed Linen is made of an organically sourced material, which technology makes resistant and thus more durable. Linen is also a strong plant that needs little water and care, and therefore has a less significant impact on the carbon footprint. Finally, the Tunable Light system recreates luminous dynamism in shades of white, like the natural light one needs to feel good in an environment.

Spacepad, for a larger illuminating surface

Another novelty in 2024 is Spacepad in a new dimension developed on a double length for a greater illuminating surface that integrates smart sensors. It is the first iGuzzini product with integrated Organic Response: the plug&play system that allows to move Spacepad "double" without having to reprogram the dimming and switching parameters of the smart lighting system. Each element of the Spacepad system retains its setting while disconnected to be relocated elsewhere in the room. Once reconnected, it automatically communicates with the other modules so that the layout can be modified to adapt to the dynamism of work groups and people.