Sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories to convey emotions and sensations by interpreting the Genius Loci. From February, a journey through the atmospheres of design, architecture and the territory of Asiago on the company's official Instagram page

Living is the ultimate aim of architecture and the architect's task is to create meaningful places, with distinctive characters, in which one can orient and identify. Désirée interprets the concept of Genius Loci and also extends it to the interiors, giving life to a new story and new inspirations, which have the Venetian territory as their theater.

Stories of architecture and design

Starting from February, Désirée proposes on his Instagram profile @desiree_spa_official, stories of architecture and design that express examples of contemporary living in which atmospheres created by the dialogue and harmony between forms and materials of the territory, the envelope and the interior.

A project on a human scale

The first story is an example of organic architecture, a villa integrated into the natural landscape of the Asiago plateau, covered with boards of recovered local raw wood. The house reinterprets the typical buildings of the Asiago plateau in a contemporary key. A single volume illuminated by large windows that create a continuum between inside and outside, allowing nature to become an essential element in the domestic space. A project on a human scale, which Désirée furnishes with pieces and accessories with clean and comfortable lines.

Rito, a light armchair

The common denominator of each inspiration is the Rito armchair designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez: a light metal rod structure with clean lines welcomes the generous and soft cushion that gives it an aspect of pleasant comfort. Designed for the home interior, it evokes a natural predisposition to the outdoors. Thanks to its lightness and comfort, it integrates with Kubic and Ludwig, two Désirée icons coordinated with each other, in a pleasant dialogue between opposites.

The modularity of Kubic

Born in 2002 on the relationship between dimensions originating from multiples and submultiples of three, after eighteen years Kubic presents new modularities and elements for seats and armrests that develop harmonious geometries and generate solutions for diversified dimensional spaces. The cushions are embellished, on request, with a discreet border in color tone.

Between art and design: Ludwig

Ludwig is a light and highly resistant seating system, characterized by a padding with stitching, 24 cm pitch, completely removable with a border in the same color. The cylindrical backrest, which can be freely positioned, favors different situations of use. Ludwig pays homage to the radical design ideas born in central Europe after the First World War, minimizing the distance between art and design.