There is a boom in sales in the nautical sector. Many have rediscovered the yacht as a place where to enjoy time in total safety and are no longer postponing the decisions that satisfy their passion: to live in total contact with nature

The global boating market is in a moment of extraordinary expansion: The Business Research Company in the report "Boat Building Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030", argues that 2021 will generate a global business rate of 37.14 billion (against the 34.76 billion registered in 2020). Confindustria Nautica estimates a growth in the turnover of the Italian industry in the sector at a value of + 23.88% for the calendar year 2021 for a total value of between 5.5 and 6.0 billion euros; and Italy confirms, once again, the world market leader in the superyacht sector.

“Many have responded to the situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, rediscovering the boat as a place where they can spend their free time, in total safety and serenity”, says Giovanna Vitelli, vice president of Azimut | Benetti. "The numbers are positive: to date, Benetti boasts an order book of over 30 boats, worth more than 700 million euros and saturated production for the next 2 years".

"Compared to the same period of 2020, revenues in the first quarter increased by 40%, going from 133 million euros to 186 million euros", declares the lawyer. Alberto Galassi ceo of the Ferretti Group, "EBITDA in the first quarter amounted to 18 million euros - compared to 5.5 million euros in the same period of the previous year and the collection of new orders, to date, has exceeded the 300 million euros".

Giovanni Costantino, ceo and founder of The Italian Sea Group, was also radiant: “Our market is exciting: 19 ships under construction, new projects under development, continuous hires. We are continuing at a rapid pace with the production plans and with the expansion activities of the yard”.

And to think that this magic took place in the almost absolute absence of boat shows ... Salons that this September return, thanks to the green pass, to turn on the light of enthusiasm: at the recently concluded Yachting Festival di Cannes (7-12) the shipyards have declared themselves more than satisfied with order books up to 2023/2025; satisfaction that will certainly also be felt in the medium-small nautical sector of the Salone Nautico di Genova(16-22) and in the superyacht sector at the Monaco Yacht Show (22-25).

How was this possible? The reality is that the pandemic and the lockdowns have generated a strong desire to return to enjoy the pleasures of life and the boat is one of them, the producers told us. People want light, contact with nature, large spaces. Desired welcomed by the Italian shipbuilding industry: our creed is to offer "the sea on board", studying solutions that represent a meeting point between engineering and design that do not distort the lines of the boat but, on the contrary, enhance its characteristics ", he explains. the cav. Massimo Perotti, executive chairman of Sanlorenzo. Comfort, privacy and versatility: these are the priorities to be guaranteed. Thus the yachts are transformed into floating villas that promise exclusive views and new ways of enjoying the boat.

As aboard the BGX: "That revolutionize the organization of spaces and routes on board which, beyond any categorization, I would define as" owner-centric ", says Carla Demaria, ceo of Bluegame. Design is the key to creating these new suggestions. "Whether it is a yacht or superyacht, each project is a container of life that chooses not to change in its spaces and functions, but transforms itself to adapt to different dimensions and ergonomics while preserving functional principles", explains Bernardo Zuccon, of Zuccon International Projects. While Jozeph Forakis' unprecedented collaboration with the newborn CL Yachts shipyard starts from the observation of the sea: "On board I want the sea to be perceived everywhere, inside and out, and to capture the sense of infinity of the horizon that an open space offers".

Boating today does not even escape environmental awareness. "Eco-sustainability is now a widely shared value, but often the customer, buying an exclusive product, wants the best only for himself", underlines Davide Cipriani of Centrostiledesign, "It is up to us designers to find reasons to motivate the eco-friendly choice, enhancing the advantages: the electric motor does not pollute, allows the use of recycled composites and allows you to navigate in silence ". In short, a functional green.

Like that of the Baglietto shipyard, a supporter that technological development will make a difference in the coming years. “We are dedicating ourselves to hybrid systems”, explains Fabio Ermetto, chief commercial officer of Baglietto, “also on“ on speculation ”boats (whose construction begins before the sale)”. In the same vein, Fabio Planamente, ceo of Cantiere del Pardo: “Our group has always built sustainable boats with quality, recyclable and low environmental impact materials. Even the company's environments will soon be green". Therefore, the success of the made in Italy of the great nautical supply chain should not be surprising. Because it is the result of a unique creativity.