To bring the London mood into the walls of your home, yes to a palette of neutral tones (never without London's famous smoky grey), thick carpets and furniture inspired by the austere and very charming elegance of the UK capital. Starting with an impressive library

Everyone is crazy about the style of furnishings freely inspired by London and its homes. According to the new Pinterest report dedicated to summer 2024 trends, searches for "< strong>London lifestyle" are on the rise (+340%) on the social image platform.

But what are the distinctive characteristics of the perfect Londoner living style? Posh to the right degree, London interior design exudes a timeless, vaguely austere elegance, with references to Victorian and Georgian aesthetics, starting from imposing fireplaces, wallpapers, leather armchairs, wood paneling and vintage cabinets.

All modernized by a color palette in shades of London's smoke grey, thick carpets and large glass surfaces. Cozy yes, but always in the name of sobriety.

Hints and tips for furnishing your home in perfect London style

The London-inspired design style eschews excesses, the more is more aesthetic, the overabundance of furnishings and the overdose of colours. On the contrary, what makes the interior of an ideal London home unique is its sophistication.

A first consideration concerns the relatively small rooms in homes in the UK capital. Unlike the mega lofts of New York and Los Angeles, the terraced houses typical of certain London neighborhoods, but also city center apartments, do not like open spaces.

This means that the London living style includes a sequence of living micro-worlds, from the inevitable study-library area to the living room marked by an imposing fireplace and enveloping leather armchair with ottoman footrest and coffee table.

These are not just clichés: considering the London climate, very gloomy and with long dark winters, it is easy to imagine that the house becomes a real refuge.

Another detail of interiors made in London concerns the craze for wallpapers, to be chosen in a pattern suited to the room in question and, obviously, in accordance with one's very personal taste. If you really want to dare, know that many London houses (still) have carpeted floors. What matters is keeping this fixed carpet super clean, especially if you have pets.

Gray reigns supreme, as are carpets and curtains

The shades of grey, from the darkest, bordering on black, to the ultra-light, similar to beige, are part of the London color palette. This is especially true in more recent interior projects, where neutral colored backgrounds are the most popular.

With its posh style, gray infects sofas, carpets, cushions, but also boiserie and more important furniture, for example the kitchen island or the wall bookcase.

Often even the infamous fireplace, the central element of the living room and study, is intentionally painted in a shade of gray as desired, in a perfect synergy of intent.

In the London-style apartment, paintings and works of art cannot be missing: if you prefer country inspiration, yes to nostalgic paintings depicting the typical British countryside, while if you have chosen a more contemporary and urban style, dare with pieces of conceptual and abstract art.

Carpets and curtains are never missing in the true Londoner's apartment, as is the super light and designer bicycle hanging on the wall, symbol of a bold lifestyle that is not afraid of metropolitan traffic.

Accessories with metal details, for example a vase with copper finish or a chandelier with bronze touches, add personality to spaces.