The Daydreamer wallpaper capsule collection: seductive textures, capable of creating a three-dimensional illusion

The result of continuous exploration, The Daydreamer wallpaper collection created by Giopagani for Londonart is a reinterpretation of distinctive signs, in an eclectic and imaginative stylistic language. The common thread that binds the new wallpapers is the path and its transversal narrative, presented through new figurative languages ​​with extensive experimentation in the use of color, evident brushstrokes and the material that becomes the protagonist of the decoration. The Daydreamer is a journey, a soundtrack resulting from the mixture of different creative hemispheres. The subjects are distinguished by personality, thanks to the contamination between the world of fashion and the world of art, with oriental digressions and references to the first experiments of the pictorial avant-gardes. Thus, in a sophisticated aesthetic path, pop accents, cinematic representations, Japanese and 70’s geometric motifs alternate. All the wallpapers of The Daydreamer capsule Collection are embellished with seductive textures, capable of creating a three-dimensional illusion and stimulating a new perception of spaces. Backgrounds of great suggestion, where the macro decoration is the protagonist, to transform the living spaces into theatrical backdrops, with decorations, waves of color, flowers and patterns that recall precious fabrics. The collection is conceived as a record, a vinyl, a collection of songs which, like a soundtrack, guides the viewer.

At a glance

What is it?
A capsule collection of wallpapers: it is possible to print each subject on the different supports offered as vinyl TNT in two different embossings, gren wall in pvc free and in Glass, the resin-coated fiberglass support for wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.
What is its design concept?
A capsule imagined with forty unpublished subjects divided into tracks. A sort of reinterpreted, revised and reorganized memory album. The collection is a record, in fact it also has an attached playlist, a collection of songs that has the power to transport us on a complete aesthetic journey through the individual subjects we wanted to represent.
How is it made and from what materials?
All Londonart products are made in Italy with exclusively Italian raw materials.
What makes it special?
The compositional variety, that is the possibility of being able to experiment with very different design solutions. An aesthetic ‘melting pot’ in which unrelated and, at times, even diametrically opposed creative hemispheres coexist.
In the designer’s own words
The Daydreamer is a dreamy journey, through very different styles and languages, it is a desire to explore aesthetics that represent the beauty that marked me, take it, reinterpret it and make it current. It is studying the past, through the present to project it into the future.