Pininfarina's outdoor plays with lightness and continuity between spaces: the two NEWS collections, Wing and Armonia, are a tribute to timeless elegance

With the expertise that has always distinguished it, Pininfarina - which over the years has penetrated different sectors in addition to the automotive one: that of architecture, interior design and industrial design, always combining the most refined innovative technology with a sophisticated attention to aesthetics for everyday objects - presents together with Higold two new lines dedicated to outdoor furniture: Wing and Armonia.

The first, Wing, is a collection of living rooms for urban outdoors or immersed in the greenery of nature that draws conceptual inspiration from the lightness of a wing. The second, Armonia, sees the introduction of a new iconic sofa that plays on the sweet contrasts of tradition combined with modernity (through materials, shapes and surfaces), to express a new interpretation of balance between indoor and outdoor.

The light elegance of a wing

A collection of proposals for the outdoors that is inspired by the slender and dreamlike elegance of a wing. For the design of this collection, the Pininfarina team drew inspiration from lightness - the key word of the entire creative concept - both as a physical variable capable of measuring the weight of a material, and as a perceived value. Elegance, purity and dynamism are the three dimensions that combined have given life to a line that can be perfectly contextualized in urban situations as well as in environments where nature is the protagonist.

Each piece of the Wing collection has a light aluminum structure, enriched on the decorative level with geometric motifs, which visually refer to the most famous contemporary architectures from all over the world; the external body is completed by discreet and elegant Myanmar teak slats, in its declination of natural tone, for a classic and timeless mood.

Wing by Pininfarina represents the next step compared to a simple outdoor collection of armchairs and sofas: sitting down becomes an experience, and for this reason all the details have been selected in their most precise angle. Examples are the cushions chosen for the seats, light and soft, with a thickness of 12cm designed to guarantee both comfort of use and aesthetic and visual comfort.

'Harmony' between interiors and exteriors

After the two successful references Bold and Onda, Pininfarina and Higold present a third, iconic, outdoor sofa: 'Armonia'.

The name, evocative of a balanced mood, aims to create expressive continuity between the interior spaces and the outdoors of the home. The stylistic, shape and material interruptions between indoor and outdoor are now overcome, in the name of an inclusive and all-encompassing elegance that involves any area of ​​the private sphere and the home.

The Armonia sofa combines the use of wood and braided rope in a sweet artisan and classic contrast, balanced by the modernity of the clean lines and the shaped body. A combination that plays with the duality of full and empty, soft and rigid fabrics, which intends to introduce a new form of 'harmony', without creating interruptions but rather a constant tension towards a pleasant balance.


For this reference, Pininfarina has chosen to use materials specifically designed for the outdoors, ensuring maximum performance (even in the face of atmospheric agents) without compromising aesthetics and comfort.

'Armonia' is added to the list of products designed by Pininfarina for Higold, a collaboration born in 2017 which over the years has seen two excellences in the field of furniture give ample vent to their creative flair.