Designer furniture and accessories for the elegant structure in the Monte Corno Nature Park near Bolzano

In the architect-project-client dynamic, each concept is born, grows and comes to fruition based on particular needs and requirements, passing through an aesthetic and formal interpretation. Each project is unique, as unique is the personality of the client. It is up to the designer to suggest and give shape to the initial idea. At the base of this path, a series of formal, content and functional dynamics determine a sort of alternation game, between the client's requests and the designer's elaborated solutions, which ends with the arrival at a common and shared point: the finished work.

A 5-star resort

This is the procedure followed by Studio Pichler Architects for Manna Resort, a five-star resort in Montagna, a few kilometres from Bolzano, on the slopes of the Monte Corno Nature Park. The project plays on an architecture that is both minimal and majestic at the same time, where the relaxation areas are furnished with pieces designed by Ramòn Esteve, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Marco Acerbis, Karim Rschid and Jean Philippe Nuel for Talenti Outdoor Living. Over the years, the brand has shown an ever-increasing attention to the world of design and today proposes, with its collections, products capable of satisfying the most classic as well as the most contemporary tastes.

Respect for the genius loci

Curated by architect Klaus Gummerer for Studio Pichler Architects, together with designer Enrico Moretti of Studio Moretti Interiors, the project realised the desire of the owner, Maria Luisa Manna, to create a unique, cosmopolitan resort, discreet in its relationship with the landscape: the visual and material integration of the building with the native porphyry guarantees a continuity given also by the green roofs that do not interrupt the fluidity of the forest. Developed in several volumes, the hotel follows, with a terraced profile, the course of the hills and the valley and ensures that each area of the structure has the best possible view.

Outdoor and Spa area

Built on the site of an old sawmill, Manna Resort has a main structure that houses the original themed rooms: Africa, Japan, Russia, Arabia, Lapland, France, Sweden are just some of the 15 geographical locations that define the resort's suites and junior suites. Outside, overlooking the bio-pool, there are three chalets equipped with private saunas for absolute privacy. The trait d'union between indoors and outdoors is represented by the Talenti furnishings which, for the occasion, has fielded for the outdoors and the Spa some leading products combined with evergreens that are always current in any environment and beyond any fashion.

A sensorial journey

From the poolside to the lounge areas, along canals with oriental echoes to the Spa, every detail is designed to take guests on an emotional journey where design becomes a tool to ignite the senses. The alternation of colours contributes to the creation of an environment where the strong red hues of the Panama and Cliff chairs or the Tribal lamp (all by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba) contrast pleasantly with the more neutral colours of Riviera by Jean Philippe Nuel, Frame by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and Casilda by Ramòn Esteve and the dove-grey of Breez by Karim Rashid for an enveloping mix. It is not always easy to mix different collections without distorting the design: for Talenti, the design of outdoor spaces and wellness areas is a true discipline that connects different factors, without forgetting the spirit of the place with its heritage.

Oriental transparency and elegance in the Spa

The Spa is an invitation to discover the oriental philosophy through the well-being of the spirit. Design, surfaces, colours and enveloping, sinuous shapes translate this imprint oriented towards health and beneficial contact with nature. And the combination of Western and Oriental traditions is conveyed by the details and furnishing elements. The iconic Breez lounger by Karim Rashid welcomes the body and guarantees maximum comfort: from massages and treatments to the water path that starts from the Thai wellness tree at the entrance and continues through the Turkish bath, Mediterranean bath, soft sauna, Finnish sauna, experience showers and ice cascade. Breez plays with reflections through the steel of the structure which, thanks to nanoceramic treatment, cataphoresis and powder coating, becomes even more resistant.

Complete experience

Other furnishings and accessories supplied include: Kot by Karim Rashid, Moon Alu by Christian Visentin, Milo by Marco Acerbis. With this project, Talenti confirms its versatility by choosing prestigious locations in natural settings. Not only the sea, but also the peaks of South Tyrol, with one common denominator: maximum attention to detail to offer a complete experience.