Martinelli Luce talks about himself through a new emotional video that intertwines lights, shapes, colors, music and products, which fluctuate evanescent yet tangible

Martinelli Luce has entrusted the production of the new corporate video to the international studio Diorama to communicate its positioning within the world of lighting design.

Under the guidance of the creative director Uros Vukovic and the original music by Iz Svemira, the viewer discovers the brand through a selection of products that are barely hinted at but which best represent the company's values. The video reel plays on emotional content, evanescent yet tangible, based on a sequence of images (3D rendering) that intertwine lights, shapes and colors, designed to involve the viewer on an emotional level.

Minimalism, geometry and nature are the values through which Martinelli Luce talks about himself and takes inspiration for his lamps. But also technological research and modularity, which are the cornerstones of the company's production, are clearly perceptible in many objects. All elements that are highlighted thanks to the keywords that flow smoothly together with the images, in a continuous dance of see-through with the products.

A video of great impact that, giving multisensory emotions, accompanies the viewer into the Martinelli Luce universe, rich in history and values rooted in the company's DNA, which has always promoted light through innovative products and projects, the result of continuous research towards innovative solutions. avant-garde, functional and with a refined design.