The new Caccaro collection is a hymn to modularity that breaks down headboards and bed frame and the headboard itself into two parts

Decomposing to recompose is a practice that the best design has always adopted. Reducing a piece of furniture into single units to be configured outside the box can be an effective way to study new features and, also, to challenge some commonplace. For example, who said that the headboard and bed frame must form a single block? Why not try to break them down, going so far as to divide the headboard itself into two parts?

Monica Graffeo started from this reflection, who with Bishape gives independent life to the bed frame and headboard and breaks the latter into two shapes, one circular and the other rectangular, to be combined as desired, multiplying the combinations and therefore the possibility of personalizing the bed. Bishape is one of the latest news in Caccaro's night catalog. The company's search for solutions able to push the limits of customization further and further forward, has led the brand to reinterpret the sleeping area by separating the individual elements of a bed and then recombining them in a rich series of variants of fabrics, sizes, elements. and accessories. The goal is to make the sleeping area an "on demand" design environment in which lighting also plays a leading role and becomes configurable together with the main furnishings, as can be verified online on the consulting and design service website free.

Maximum tailoring, therefore. And furnishings with a presence of character. This is why in Bishape the seam in the center of the circle or rectangle of the headboard creates a refined graphic sign that plays with the color and surface of the wall to transform it into a real painting. The profile of the headboard is enriched with the application, on the sides, of a light support that can be lacquered in all the colors of the Caccaro palette. Not only that: thanks to a mechanism designed by the company and built into the back of the headboard, each support can rotate 90 °. The movement is smooth and silent, it is triggered with a slight push of the finger and automatically stops when you stop the push. The round lampshade can be raised to direct the light where it is needed.

The same drive towards innovation and tailoring characterizes all the beds in the new Caccaro collection. In Let'space, design by Caccaro, the headboard can range across the wall, from corner to corner (in a niche) or in a freer position in the center of the same, and with a depth of 13 cm it becomes almost a boiserie on which to place photographs, books or magazines and much more. Groove, on the other hand, designed by Monica Graffeo, revolves around an aluminum multifunction bar that can also act as a headboard, generating ever-new solutions depending on the height of the fixing on the wall, accessories and combinations with the bed frame. The bar can be equipped with LEDs and, thanks to four bluetooth stereo amplifiers, can be connected to tablets and smartphones.

Elegance and simplicity of shapes also distinguish the other models. Ajar is the soft-line textile bed with a pocket designed to accommodate and always have at hand the objects of relaxation. In Toffee, the angle formed by the union between headboard and bed frame, the profile of the headboard given by the padding and the cleanliness of the seams stand out, while Filesse has its strong point in the minimal design and in the S-shaped profile that gives life to a curved surface consistent with the natural posture of the back.