Between performance, art and design, a company and an artist reinterpret the role of the chair in contemporary living

An artist whose work ranges from performance, painting and sculpture with exhibitions in public museums and private spaces around the world. A company that conceives the chair as a real escape space for the mind, a place to imagine, think, create. Interpreting the new needs of contemporary living, Luxy presents Sit Down To Have an Idea, a project by the artist Andrea Bianconi who explores and reinterprets the role and nature of the chair in a provocative way through new aesthetic languages.

Smartworking has made private homes the container of everyday life: domestic, professional and creative. But the very concept of the office is also changing, turning towards fluid spaces, full of personality and warmth. New functional, aesthetic and psychological needs arise, to make the place where you live and work flexible and welcoming.

In the Sit Down To Have an Idea artistic project, Bianconi puts man at the center. Hence the universality of a performance in which artist and art meet people. Sit Down To Have an Idea is inspired by the initial work of the artist who in 2020 was able to attract a growing audience through a series of installations in Italy. As for the artistic project, the Biga, Bloom and Italia chairs by Luxy are also at the center of a journey made up of episodes, destinations and goals.

Biga reveals with its acoustic armchair shapes its inspiration to the chariot of the ancient Romans. An approach to the project made with courage, imagination, the result of collaboration with the Favaretto & Partners studio. The philosophy is to create a space within the environment in which one operates without totally isolating oneself. Radii of curvature, type of upholstery processing, internal honeycomb structure, especially in the high version, have been designed to reduce acoustic reverberation to a minimum. The Biga Luxy chosen by Andrea Bianconi for the project is the tall model on wheels, in pink fabric.

Enveloping shapes, whose shape enhances comfort and elegance, for the Bloom armchair, a flowering of soft lines that characterize the collection: Bloom S, Bloom M and Bloom XL. Andrea Bianconi has selected for the project the Bloom XL with wooden base, in yellow velvet fabric.

Designed by Favaretto & Partners, Italia tells the linear determination and the enveloping welcome of a chair designed for work environments with a minimal design. Available in three variants, it pampers the body with its modeled curves and visible stitching, giving personality, stability and comfort to the everyday life of the person who uses it.

The first step of the journey saw Biga and Bloom on display in an Instagram Corner, with a new and innovative format, at the Rinascente Milan, a reference point for the most important luxury brands. Guests and onlookers were invited to sit down, take a picture and publish the shots on their social channels, with the possibility of leaving an idea on a blackboard.