With her furnishing accessories in ceramic, lava stone and marble, the volcanic designer - and artisan - from Catania Magda Masano tells stories, of stones and design, of dust and construction sites, of colors and contrasts

Born from tradition, from three generations of craftsmen of stone, Folk, a brand of furnishing accessories in ceramic, lava stone and marble, which inserts into the present and declines into the everyday historical and territorial, personal and collective memories.

Born in Catania from the head and hands of the designer Magda Masano, initially as a rib of Masano Marmi, a family business since 1960 specialized in furniture and restoration, to become an independent project in 2011, which since 2015 has a space all to itself: a multifunctional concept store in the city center.

A laboratory is born - a exhibition place, a place of doing, a meeting place - with a chromosomal kit which is the macrocosm of Sicily, with its jarring contrasts, free-range colors, saturated scents, the authentic beauties, the overflowing life and, also, the pain that historically shakes this land.

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The collections: Lavastone

We are in Catania, we can only start by telling the Lavastone collection consisting of unique pieces in lava stone of the Etna and glazed ceramic with brilliant colors that emanate a volcanic energy. The raw stone is worked with an articulated artisan process while the ceramization and finishing are done by hand. The Giochi di lava, On the table and the Minnuzze di Sant'Agata capsules are part of the collection.

The Minnuzze of Sant’Agata

Tradition has it that in honor of Sant'Agata, patron saint of Catania, on February 5th small desserts are prepared that recall the a woman's breasts, an ancient symbol of fertility. The dessert plate capsule Minnuzze di Sant'Agata by Folk is a refined tribute with the unmistakable aesthetics popular of these cassatine with the delicious white icing and the unmistakable cherry placed on the top.


Lucky pine cones, single-flowered vases, bottles, marauding bummuli, lamps and other small objects belonging to the Pots collection are designed for domestic use with a good luck function . They are molded in hand-painted ceramic, in a non-traditional color but in bright solid shades.

Grandma Tina's only wildflower

There is a special house that inhabits Magda Masano's childhood memories, that of grandmother Tina. A holiday home in the Etna Park, frugal and comfortable, populated with simple and functional objects. Each day the grandmother put a single freshly picked wildflower into a narrow-necked bottle. The solitary aspect and the brushstroke of color that the flower gave to the room made the composition a sort of domestic sculpture, a small totem good luck.

The single flower vases One-flower translate the emotion of this memory into different shapes (conical, globular, amphora) all molded in clay and dressed in the bright tones of the palette Folk.

The Marauder Bummulu

An object that comes (and goes) far away. The malandrino bummulu was born in the Arab ceramic tradition to conserve water and other liquids without waste and at the right temperature. It takes root in Sicily during the Islamic rule and becomes a typical artifact of the peasant tradition thanks to the cunning of its operation, rogue indeed.

To be filled this container must be turned upside down. The bummulu has a hole at the base without a cap, connected to a narrow cone inside the structure and open at the top. The liquid is poured into the opening and once the object is returned to the resting position, it will flow throughout the amphora.

The pointed shape of the tool is not a habit: the empty space at the top allows the evaporation of the superheated liquid. What remains inside is therefore kept fresh and ready to be poured from the narrow spout, without wasting a drop.

A historical piece of design of the Sicilian tradition that Magda Masano proposes hand-modeled in terracotta and decorated with solid colors with vivid hues.

Marble à porter

In the Marble à porter collection, marble gives value to everyday objects used in moments of conviviality. Plates, saucers, trays, egg cups and coasters in Rosso Levanto, Bianco di Carrara, Verde Guatemala and Nero Marquinia give life to an essential yet sculptural line.

Heads of Moro Pop

And last but not least, Folk's flagship collection. The Testa di Moro is the face of Sicilian ceramic history. Vase, furniture, legend and decoration, from 2010 Magda Masano reinterprets with a pop language the original design of this icon covering it with an unusual solid color, bright and bold, personally blended by the designer.

Always protagonists in absolute colors

From the initial experimentation with the pink hue, the Folk palette developed (or rather, mixed) for the Moor's Heads has expanded to include twenty bright shades: from the turquoise of the Aeolian blue Klein and the blue of Catania, from sunny yellow to cherry red, from mint green to forest green, from burnt orange to cerulean, from white to black.

The particular aesthetics of these faces/objects claim their autonomy from the context that hosts them, a context in which they are always inserted by protagonists.