Roche Bobois celebrates 50 years of the Mah Jong sofa. Avant-garde and revolutionary since birth, it has become a reference in comfort

Designed in 1971, the Mah Jong sofa was born from the meeting of two talented men: Philippe Roche, visionary entrepreneur co-founder of the Roche Bobois maison and Hans Hopfer, designer who was able to capture and anticipate changes in lifestyles with great creativity .

Mah Jong, avant-garde and revolutionary from birth, has become a Roche Bobois comfort icon. Starting from three simple elements, placed side by side or superimposed, it allows you to give shape to any composition, from the simplest to the most complex: armchair, sofa, chaise longue, bed or living space, for tailor-made comfort that reflects enthusiasm and vitality of the years that have seen it born.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Mah Jong presents itself with new designer clothes - new fabrics imagined by Kenzo Takada, Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni Home - and placed on elegant platforms supported by linear feet slightly set back which, by optical illusion, seem to fluctuate sessions.

On the back of the backrest and along the entire length of the platform, a support in the shape of an airplane wing holds the cushions in place. After fifty years, Mah Jong claims total freedom of form and function and offers infinite compositional possibilities: one, two or three seats, with or without shelves for placing books, trays, lamps or other decorative objects.

The platforms are available in finishes that match the colors of the upholstery fabrics: solid ash, veneered in warm or light shades or glossy lacquered with deep reflections. A new design faithful to the identity of the sofa, which makes it more modern, eclectic and exuberant.

Mah Jong is the expression of a savoir-faire in which each element, quilted with a mattress, is handmade in Italy in a dedicated atelier. The finishes and details are meticulously checked, each pillow is unique.