The Crogiolo collection combines craftsmanship and industry. Like in a tile madeleine

To move forward, sometimes you have to look back, where the roots sink and relive the most important stages of their history. In design, this means rewinding the ribbon and returning to ancient craftsmanship, to that fact that is the son of the best manufacturing that has made the success of Made in Italy in the world.

An industrial craft

Taking inspiration from the past to give new value to the present is what Marazzi did with its latest research in the field of industrial craftsmanship. Which is not an oxymoron, but the combination that today allows an excellence of international design to combine industrial technology with the rediscovery of an original and original beauty, almost a madeleine made of colors and atmospheres in the form of a tile.

Interpreting ceramics in freedom

We are talking about the Crogiolo collection, which represents for the Emilian brand unique levels of quality and aesthetics, as well as the litmus test of the company's desire to focus on the "sense" of human workmanship, care and attention typical of pieces made in but no. The same name Crogiolo comes from the name of the industrial building where Marazzi was born, in the 1930s, between the railway and the Modena canal, and the place where, in the 1980s, the homonymous research and experimentation center was founded. It is there that designers, architects, artists and photographers were asked to interpret ceramics in full freedom. That season led to the creations of Roger Capron, Amleto Dalla Costa, Original Designers, Saruka Nagasawa and Robert Gligorov, and to the shots of Luigi Ghirri, Cuchi White and Charles Traub.

Roots and innovation

Among Crogiolo's creations, all inspired by the art of combining technology and craftsmanship, roots and innovation, Lume is the one that focuses most on research in the field of glazes and color, returning a porcelain stoneware collection that is a real tribute to ultra-gloss. Here, the dense enamelling and the small defects, the smudges, the irregularities, the pitting and the variations in shades and patterns make each piece practically unique and the wall compositions always different.

For residential and contract use

An original size, 6x24 cm, with exceptionally straight edges that allow installation without joints but with a “hand-made” flavor. Lume is available in twelve colors: the brand new Off White, Turquoise, Forest, China, Beige, Pink and the more traditional White, Green, Blue, Black, Musk and Greige. The collection is ideal for wall cladding in both residential and contract projects. Floor installation is only suitable for private homes with little traffic.