The charm of four Mediterranean limestone relives in a new synthesis of nature and innovation

Natural raw materials, sustainable and cutting-edge production processes, new 3D Ink technology applied for the first time on structure and surface, allow Marazzi to present the Uniche collection with strong visual and tactile characterization and an extremely realistic stone effect. StepWise technology adds non-slip performance to the soft surface.

To recreate indoor and outdoor atmospheres, both in reclaimed contexts and in contemporary spaces, the collection is offered in four colors (arles, avignone, cadiz ostuni) referring to as many natural stones that range from warm tones to colder shades, with marked variations. of tone and graphics, more evident in the darker colors.

Four sizes, from 60x120 to 30x30, modular and combinable with each other, with natural / matt, velvet and oudtoor surface, to which are added the extra-thick 20 mm option, the mosaic of small square and rectangular elements (Spaccatella) in modules 30x60 and a complete range of special pieces also for the construction of swimming pools.