Mystone Berici enhances the essentiality of Vicenza limestone

The game to be won, when seeking the unprecedented material realism of a ceramic surface, is that of maximum customisation of material, colour and 3D texture. The combinations between these three elements are almost infinite and ensure that each piece has unique graphic details, variations in gloss and tone, and natural surfaces. A challenge taken up and won by Marazzi with Mystone Berici.

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The essentiality of limestone

Inspired by the limestone of Vicenza origin, the new porcelain stoneware collection by Marazzi enhances its essentiality with careful production techniques and an eclectic decorative accent.

3D Ink technology

Neutral and warm tones blend on the neutral surface characterised by the presence of shells, rounded microfossils and debris with a textured appearance, which are lifelike thanks to the use of 3D Ink technology that creates a perfect overlap between graphics and structures.

Touch Technology

Details that return in the tone-on-tone floral motif decoration, designed for floor applications and realised by using, for the first time together, 3D Ink and Touch technology to achieve depth and material realism thanks to glossy and matt grit on the surface.

Technical/performance characteristics

Surfaces: Natural, Outdoor 20mm. Sizes: 120x120 - 75x150 - 60x120 - 75x75 - 60x60 - 160x320x0,6 - 120x178x0,6 Natural; 120x120 - 60x60- 60x120 Outdoor. Colours: White, Beige, Grey, Ash. Decorations: Flora 3D Ink Touch 60x120 in the four colours; Berici Stuttura Righe 3D 60x120 in the four colours. Mosaics: Mosaico Strip 60x180 in the four colours.