Textural structure, chromatic definition of original materials, high compositional flexibility underpin the new textures The Top

It is a flexible tool at the service of Marazzi The Top design. Not only because it makes it possible to create, by means of large slabs, kitchen tops, backsplashes, tables, vertical cladding or furnishings, but also because its colours and finishes can be combined with a variety of materials, allowing continuity and dialogue to be generated between different environments, both private and contract, indoor and outdoor.

To each his essence

The range of textures of the porcelain stoneware slabs in the collection offers solid colours and surfaces with marble, stone, cement, wood and metal effects, with which it is possible to create continuity for example between the kitchen and the living areas, defining areas designed to be set and lived in, as well as for entertaining guests or home working. The stoneware cladding of the large slabs, moreover, guarantees continuity between floor and furnishing elements, so that sides and tops can be covered with a single material: the maxi formats make it possible to work on dimensions that exceed the norm, with a versatility in cutting and processing that can respond to every possible interior design concept.

The range expands

The new essences of Marazzi The Top recall the macro geometries of quartz, the compactness of volcanic stones and, again, the veining of metamorphic rocks. The range has been further expanded with two new marble essences (Patagonia and Taj Mahal), five stone effects (Travertino, available in four colours including the unprecedented red, Breccia Imperiale, Berici, Bahia and Silver Root), and the cement effect of the Cementum collection, now also available in large slabs.

Extensive customisation

The sumptuous textures and surface effects are enhanced by 3D Ink digital printing technology, which ensures the correspondence between graphics and three-dimensional surface structures, different in every single slab. Marazzi The Top offers essences of great refinement and definition which, being more sustainable and lighter than their natural counterparts, allow for widely customised applications. Essences also applicable to surfaces that may come into contact with food from which, thanks to the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology already incorporated in the production process, up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms are eliminated.

Sustainable processes

In addition to highlighting Marazzi's attention to recreating the material structure and colour definition of the original materials, the brand's essences demonstrate an assiduous focus on environmental sustainability: the manufacturing processes, in closed-cycle factories, make use of state-of-the-art machinery capable of minimising the use of resources and, at the same time, recovering any waste material.