A new inline digital printing technology on prepainted galvanized steel opens the door to endless creative possibilities for designers and planners

Marcegaglia Digital Print, nominated for the Enterprise Research category at the Compasso D'Oro 2022 and on display at ADI Design Museum until Sept. 11, is a new inline digital printing technology on pre-painted galvanized steel applied to large-scale continuous processing of coils. It opens the door to new creative possibilities for designers and planners who will be able to see any print, graphic, photograph realized on steel coils. In particular, the guaranteed outdoor durability makes it a perfect material for street furniture in parks, cities, and playgrounds.

Steel no limits

"We studied Marcegaglia Digital Print to deliver to the world of planning and design a sustainable technology that would place no limits on creativity applied to steel. A material, versatile, durable, recyclable that was rarely approached with design. With Marcegaglia Digital Print today steel becomes a design element available to the creativity of designers, public and private architects, and companies," explains Andrea Brotini, Sales&Managing Director Marcegaglia.

Green technology right from the production process

The theme of sustainable development identified by ADI for the 2022 edition of the Compasso d'Oro is in line with the Marcegaglia Digital Print technology: a sustainable industrial process that concentrates all processing within a single production site, optimizing logistics, allowing the reduction of waste materials and more effective disposal. The Marcegaglia Digital Print production site is located within Marcegaglia Ravenna, the Group's most important steel plant and intermodal logistics hub, with a dedicated port quay and rail hub.

New opportunities for architecture and design

This technology opens up new opportunities in the area of materials to be used for architectural and industrial design projects to satisfy the creativity of the most demanding customer. Marcegaglia Digita Print's push towards the world of design and project was confirmed by its participation at FuoriSalone 2022 in the Urban Matter(s) space managed by Materially, reserved for a selection of companies promoting low environmental impact productions. A debut that brought Marcegaglia Digital Print to the attention of a large audience of designers, architects, companies.

Continuous digital printing

Marcegaglia Digital Print incorporates a continuous digital printing phase into the production process to meet every creative need up to customizing with graphics, photographs, textures any semi-finished steel element for widths up to 1.5 meters and potentially infinite lengths, with guaranteed performance even for outdoor uses.