Vicenza-based company opens the curtain on 'Velata Collection' designed by designer and artist Raffaello Galiotto

To arouse wonder: this is the spirit with which sculptors have always approached marble and, while sculpting, try to give life, by subtraction, to works that remain in the collective imagination. From the impalpable marble veil with which Giuseppe Sammartino covered the body of the Veiled Christ (1753) in the Sansevero Chapel to the details of so many works by Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Stefano Maderno and Antonio Canova. Since the past, artists had demonstrated their ability to rework a material such as marble to create 'living' sculptures, characterised by a surreal lightness and softness.

A team of innovators

Thinking back to tradition and the masterpieces of the past, Margraf, which is not simply a company but a team of innovators, has chosen to challenge the rules of marble. Three-dimensional coverings, parabolic shapes, elimination of waste, computerised design and numerically controlled processing: a dialogue between material and ingenuity, between stone elements and talent, where innovation does not replace craftsmanship, but creates new opportunities for development.

A new interpretation of marble

With Velata Collection (presented at the recent Milan Design Week), the Chiampo-based company offers a new interpretation of the stone material and enhances its hidden character that seemed lost: lightness. Thanks to the encounter between technology and design, between inspiration and know-how, it has created a project in which marble is the protagonist.

Folds and swirls

The new furniture collection is composed of a table (275x137x75H cm) and a seat (105x67x87H cm) in Bianco Covelano marble (fine polished finish), which appear as a body veiled by a lithic mantle whose folds and swirls, as if imprinted by a gust of wind, are captured in the suspended instant of a still image. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, these objects become true works of art: the lithic material is modelled by the company's traditional and technological transformation skills until it becomes a light fabric that seems to fly away at the first gust of wind.

Fabrics of stone

And again, hanging on the wall, immersed in a darkened environment illuminated by theatrical lights, the four coloured marble Velata Drapes - (Arabescato Corchia, 87x175x24 sp. cm), Breccia Bohemien (88x175x13 sp. cm), Cremo Italia (110 x175x14 sp. cm), Grigio Carnico (102x175x20 sp. cm) - are stone fabrics floating in the air that demonstrate the ability to "tailor-make" the most demanding requests of the client. The finish is Fabric by Ipogeo® Collection.