The Vicenza-based company's marble for the bathrooms of the Vita luxury residence on Grove Isle in Miami, Florida

Elegant, versatile, sustainable, durable, multifaceted and multifunctional: used over the millennia to create public and power buildings, temples, places of worship, marble has traversed the centuries, fascinating generations of artists and designers, imposing itself as a protagonist in the evolution of architecture, through floorings, coverings, furnishings, complements, finishes capable of expressing the style and traditions of those who chose it. Its wide range of colours, its natural uniqueness, and the possibility of being approached with different types of workmanship make it possible to obtain countless aesthetic yields, making it a material that, in its eternity, unites the past with the future in the history of architecture. Time does not bother it, on the contrary, it enhances its aesthetic qualities: the small marks and patina with which the passage of years covers marble tell stories and convey its solemnity.

Marble in the Third Millennium

Today, the trend in the construction industry, and in particular in the luxury sector, is the search not only for excellent natural products and materials, but also for exclusive, tailor-made solutions to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele. These are the reasons why Margraf has been selected as a partner for the realisation of the marble coverings of the bathrooms of all the flats of Vita, the new residence on the private island of Grove, Coconut Grove, in Miami, Florida. The project, desired by Ugo Colombo of the CMC Group (among the most important developers of luxury real estate in Miami) and realised by CallisonRTKL, has 65 residences and is the most avant-garde and exclusive condominium in the area.

An exclusive, state-of-the-art residence

Vita's architectural design is inspired by the natural contours of the island's curved shape and makes for a unique view of Biscayne Bay; the entire building, enveloped by a tropical garden, will be National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certified and is equipped with high-end amenities: concierge, two swimming pools, a fitness centre, a marina, tennis, padel and pickleball courts, a children's playground, a restaurant, a bar and a clubhouse. The seven-storey curved building features a waterfront entrance on Biscayne Bay in Grove Isle. Each of the 65 luxury residences is designed with large oceanfront terraces to provide unobstructed views of the bay.

In the bathrooms a true work of art

The units have three to four bedrooms and range from 230 to 450 square metres; the penthouses (315 to 570 square metres) offer a rooftop terrace with private pool and outdoor kitchen. Each flat is equipped with bathrooms embellished with 5,000 square metres of open-space Margraf white marble cladding. This special processing and laying technique allows the veining of the marble slabs to create geometries of absolute uniqueness, a rhomboidal or specular open-book effect, making the cladding a true work of art.