An exhibition curated by ADI exalts the limit as the flywheel of design. In the name of sustainability

Limit, in design as in art, can become a powerful driver of ingenuity and creativity. There is no need to bother Michelangelo and his David, carved from a long narrow block of marble, to prove the validity of this statement. Which, in a few days, will find further confirmation at Marmomac.

The limit the flywheel of designuality

The world's leading trade fair for marble and natural stone returns to Verona on September 27 and stages, in its rich program, an exhibition that is an act of love for the limit understood as a flywheel of designuality. Etica Litica, curated by the Adi Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige delegation, is a selection of sixteen works all created using a marble slab measuring 3.30 x 2 meters and 2/3 cm thick, representative of the most common commercial sales form. "For the realization of the work," explains designer Carlo Trevisani, a member of the board of ADI Delegation VTAA and curator of the exhibition with Silvia Sandini, "the surface of the slab had to be exploited to the maximum, so as to minimize possible waste of material."

Respect, vitality and beauty

So there is sustainability, in particular the theme of minimizing waste, at the center of the exhibition that featured seventeen talented and established designers. There is Etiko, Ascanio Zocchi's table, Patrizia Bertolini's Cerchi nell'acqua washbasin, as well as Valerio Facchin and Giovanna Carturan's Stoneslice and numerous other works that enhance the inclination and sensitivity of contemporary creatives to such a crucial issue as respect for a precious, limited resource. In the exhibition, design becomes the mirror of a thought that, respecting precise design limits, demonstrates its vitality and beauty, offering suggestions and novel solutions to open up to a more sustainable and ethically just world. Set up at The Plus Theatre in Hall 10, the exhibition is completed with a review of products made of stone materials that have been awarded the Compasso d'Oro and ADI Index recognition over the years.

A vision of values

"Etica Litica is the first real exhibition of ADI Delegation VTAA at Marmomac, an appointment that the association has declined from the perspective of contemporary design according to a value vision that included cultural aspects by combining two different presentations of projects," explains Trevisani. "The first section consists of a presentation of quality projects made of marble and emerged in recent years in two important association appointments: the ADI Design Index, the annual selection of the best Italian design made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, and the ADI Compasso d'Oro Award, the oldest but above all the most authoritative world design award.In the second section, the delegation's design members were involved, inviting them to conceive new products ad hoc. The exhibition was built with a natural process of organic growth: a curatorial cut was avoided by opting for coordinated management, and the designers were involved with a choral call to work responsibly on the defined theme: a slab, a product, waste."

An ethical stance

The designers involved were thus confronted with a valuable material that is no longer producible, whose availability is limited and whose processing is complex: the riskiness of the quarry, the significant weight that affects all phases of logistics, transportation, processing and delivery. "Optimizing lithic production by making the best use of the available material is an inherent constraint of the project, and both an economic necessity and an ethical stance in addressing the issue of sustainability. The projects on display are the expression of this responsible vision, conjugated by each individual designer or studio according to his or her own sensibilities; a collection of positions organic to the approach to contemporary design, an approach respectful of sensitivities that are particularly felt today, both in a society attentive to environmental impact and, above all, throughout the marble and stone processing chain."

A timeless material

Natural stone, the curator adds, in addition to being unique in texture and veining, is a material charged with meaning that ages by acquiring charm with the signs of time and patina. "A material intended primarily for architectural production. Those in the industry often engage in contract manufacturing, limiting their expertise and production capacity for product development. This exhibition-and Marmomac's cultural activities in which Etica Litica is embedded-is a strong stimulus for operational awareness and for those in the industry to evolve into their own production editors."