Minifrog and Cyborg Big represent respectively smaller and larger versions of two iconic pieces of the outdoor collection

Rescaling a piece of design, enlarging or reducing its scale, is never a simple or trivial operation. It is a choice that inevitably touches connections, interactions, perceptions that the object brings with it. If, then, the dimension is that of lighting technology, then the complexity increases because the design steps must comply not only with aesthetic canons that change scale, but also with often stringent technical and performance regulations.

Light matters

Light has always been one of the key design themes, both in interior design and in the lighting of gardens and green spaces. Whether direct, indirect, diffuse or soft, warm or cold, from above or below, frontal, side or back, light matters. By now, lighting well means furnishing a room or outdoor space well. Light is so important that UNESCO has established 16 May each year as the International Day of Light (the date corresponds to the anniversary of the creation of the world's first laser by T.H. Maiman in 1960).

Outdoor lighting

As well as being impressive and scenic, outdoor lighting must always be functional, emphasising one portion of greenery rather than another, creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, making the green area safer by marking unevenness, pathways, pool edges and footpaths. Lighting installations using LED technology are usually chosen, offering the ideal solution for enhancing spaces with limited energy consumption.

Cyborg Big: sinuous and alien

Martinelli Luce offers two new outdoor lamp models (one becomes big, the other mini) of two iconic pieces from its collection. Cyborg Big, designed by Karim Rashid, represents the evolution of Cyborg, which has become even larger (height 160 x diameter 85 cm) to meet the needs of outdoor environments in which to create a mysterious atmosphere with evocative power. A lamp with a sinuous and alien shape that, with its long legs, illuminates a lawn or presides over a swimming pool or terrace. Available in two versions: diffused light for the white polyethylene structure and direct downward light for the coloured version made of eco-friendly EcoAllene® material derived from recycled polyethylene. Led lamp light source with cable and plug.

Minifrog: mobile, functional and cheerful

Designed by Emiliana Martineli, Minifrog is conceived as a discreet point of light. With direct and adjustable light, the junior version allows the lamp to be positioned even in the usually less accessible areas of a bush or between the leaves of a plant, creating a special setting. Its smaller size also allows it to be placed on a terrace, highlighting the most characteristic corners with a lively and fun touch in the range of colours proposed (teal blue, yellow and anthracite). Equipped with LED bulb with cable and plug, it measures 12 (depth) x 9 (width) x 12 (height) cm.