Avro, designed by Design Studio Natural, is a pendant lamp that conceals, in the lower part of the diffuser, a socket

Smart working has had a major impact on living, introducing a number of changes and adaptations to home and coworking spaces. An increasingly common practice, smart working has changed the way people live and work: many people have transformed areas of the home into functional home offices with desks, ergonomic chairs, additional monitors and other accessories to work efficiently and comfortably. From this reflection on the new way of inhabiting and sharing spaces came Avro by Martinelli Luce, a pendant lamp that conceals, in the lower part of the diffuser, a socket.

Two new versions

A collection that expands with two new versions: Avro Junior and the socket-only. Martinelli Luce also introduces the possibility of hooking the lamps to a track, so they can be precisely positioned and easily moved. A detail that makes the installation of Avro functional, in public and working environments, and even more flexible for the use of devices that need electricity.

Precision and flexibility

The new solutions are created to meet the need for space in tight spaces, thanks to the reduced diameter of Avro Junior's diffuser, and for availability of outlets in coworking spaces, open spaces, or where there is no need to add lights, with the design of the outlet alone.

360-degree functionality

The socket alone enriches Avro's original design with a second cone, positioned mirror-like, in the center of which is a diffuser that lights up at regular intervals, with a bright, soft effect to highlight the socket's activity.

At the service of creativity

The Avro project is designed not only to make it easier to work from home, in the office or in public settings, but also to facilitate the use of devices that require electricity, turning any table into a functional workshop at the service of the user's creativity, integrating design and function.