Inspired by the chandeliers of the past, Multidot offers a modern interpretation

Among the most interesting challenges that companies and designers can accept is that of drawing inspiration from iconic objects of tradition (furniture, complements, decorative elements) to bring them up to date from a compositional, expressive and technological point of view. Martinelli Luce, inspired by the chandeliers of the past, proposes Multidot, a contemporary and up-to-date version of the sumptuous chandeliers that adorned and embellished palaces and historic homes.

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Configurable according to needs

The low-voltage electrical cables that make up Multidot have been designed by Martinelli Luce to become the structural, decorative and technological element of the lamp, making this suspension type configurable according to personal aesthetic requirements and the environment that houses them.

Infinite compositions

Multidot by Martinelli Luce is extremely flexible: each cable can be freely positioned in space, generating infinite compositions. You can choose the number and length of the cables, the number of LED light spheres attached to each of the cables and, thanks to the dedicated online configurator, immediately visualise your customised and unique composition.

From the macro to the micro

In addition to the care for the scenic aspect, Martinelli Luce's careful design of the detail went from the macro to the micro, so that each LED light sphere was embellished with a surface finish: a series of shiny micro dots was distributed on a matt background through the Fibonacci succession, generating a pleasant effect of solids and voids.

A light and technological system

Martinelli Luce's diffused light suspension system has a neoprene structure and polycarbonate diffusers. Power according to composition up to max. 200 W. The spheres are equipped with a LED light source.