Maruni proposes Fugu, a chair with an evident aesthetic strength given by the wide and rounded curvature that enhances the simple and minimal design of Jasper Morrison

Born from the desire for a comfortable wooden seat in which particular attention was given to the cleanliness of the design, Fugu was designed by Jasper Morrison for Maruni with a single curvature that connects the armrests to a backrest and a seat characterized by a wide roundness. The processing of wood with advanced and modern techniques that is a specialty of Maruni, makes this chair a piece of furniture with extremely refined shapes, that provides any space with a welcoming and elegant ambiance, both in domestic environments and in retail contexts or working spaces. The wood used in this product is obtained from oak or ash trees in North America that are managed and felled in a planned manner. The same attention to the environment is reflected in the use of sustainable materials, such as the particular coating of wood which allows to reduce the emissions of organic compounds in the production processes and in the realization of finished products. The Fugu seat is available, with or without armrests, in the Chair, Lobby Chair and Lounge Chair versions. The Lobby Chair and Lounge chair versions, available in different sizes, fit perfectly in large reception areas, public places, airport waiting rooms, but also in any domestic environment, both as dining chairs and in home office spaces.

At a glance

What is it?
A wooden chair with essential and delicate lines made with or without armrests.
What its design concept?
The Fugu chair was created to provide ultimate seating comfort without the use of cushions or fabric.
How is it produced?
It is made with cutting-edge processing techniques using oak or ash wood. The oak version is available in clear, whitish and natural black finishes; the ash version is proposed in the whitish and natural black variants.
How and where is it manifactured?
Like all the products in the collection, Fugu is produced directly by Maruni within the company establishment based in Hiroshima. It is made by working with solid wood from which a portion is carved and used to create a perfect curvature that connects the seat to the backrest. The small opening between the backrest and the seat, gives functionality to the design, allowing the chair to be moved easily.
How is it manufactured?
The seat and backrest are finely worked creating a perfectly curved surface. In fact, Fugu was born from the combination of innovative industrial processes with traditional and artisanal methods of woodworking: the curves that gently adapt to the shape of the back, are the result of numerous studies and tests developed by the designer in collaboration with the Maruni Research&Development team.
What makes it special?
It perfectly represents Maruni’s woodworking skills as it is made with the aid of particularly advanced precision cutting technologies and manually finished by skilled wood masters.
How is it?
Pure, delicate, sophisticated.
In the designer’s own words
The Fugu lobby chair expands the family of seats on the market, from lounge chairs to chairs dedicated to the dining room. The aim is to propose a chair made of solid wood with a high level of comfort, without the need to add any upholstery or padding, maintaining an essential design and the materiality of the wood chosen specifically for this project.