A collaboration with interior design studio HBA has resulted in a range of five decors with a strong cosmopolitan accent

Unthinkable projects and solutions are often born from a common perspective and a shared unity of purpose. Modern, cutting-edge, sustainable. Adding value and raising design standards through experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry and a widespread international presence has led Atlas Concorde and interior design studio Hirsch Bedner Associates to a creative and fruitful partnership. The result is the Marvel Travertine collection that inherits the grandeur of travertine and reinterprets its aesthetics in a contemporary key transforming it into a versatile surface for interior design projects.

Reinterpreting a classic material

Reinterpreting one of the most classic architectural materials, capable of spanning centuries and styles, such as travertine, was the challenge of the Fiorano Modenese-based company in creating Marvel Travertine. Since antiquity, travertine has retained its elegant appearance and has been a constant presence in architecture. The collection inherits its history, taking its aesthetics and transforming it into a versatile, resistant, high-performance surface that exploits the qualities and characteristics of porcelain stoneware.

Three colours, two graphic variants

There are two graphic variants: Vein Cut, which reproduces the most common cut of travertine obtained by cutting the blocks parallel to the veins; Cross Cut, or counter-cut, with a cloudy effect, which reproduces the cut made perpendicular to the veins of the stone. Three colours are available: White and Sand, inspired by the warm tones of the stone, highlight light streaks in beige tones, while a warm and sober grey characterises Pearl.

Five decors...

Tassellation is a mosaic composed of triangles and squares that fit together dynamically; the effect of movement is accentuated by the alternation of the two graphics (Vein Cut and Cross Cut). The Origami mosaic is inspired by the Japanese art of the same name and creates the three-dimensional illusion of rhombuses protruding from the surface. Basketweave is a regular interlaced decoration moved by the different direction of the veins of the Vein Cut finish: some details of the Cross Cut version allow the decoration to match both graphic versions.

...with cosmopolitan flair

Chiseled Urban Grid is characterised by the balanced succession of signs and engravings over the entire surface: a pattern of minimal lines, typical of urban architecture, inspired by ancient stone engraving techniques. Lastly, Diamond is a decoration on which radiating geometries design an evocative surface, on which refined inclusions of precious metals are distributed with balance.