From a Tipstudio investigation on the impure residues that emerge on the liquid bronze during the casting process, Secondo Fuoco is born, a collection of sculptural objects with a primordial texture that envelops a warm and luminous heart

“We have always been attracted by that foamy mass that emerges from the molten metal” explain Imma Matera e Tommaso Lucarini, “like landmass, its fascinating and mysterious nature intrigues us”.

Co-founder of Tipstudio, Florentine creative duo focus their work on experimental material research with a sartorial and sensorial approach with a strong narrative (and emotional) connotation. Between design, art and craftsmanship, their works are linked to the roots and the territory, told through a personal poetic vision.

With their latest research project they investigate the slag of fusion, an impure residue that emerges on the surface of the molten metal, in a reflection on the multiple souls of the matter: its mineral  natural  origin re-obtained thanks by smelting  artificial  processes drove by man.

In collaboration with the Fonderia Artistica Versiliese, an art foundry specialised in sculptures, Tipstudio designed Secondo Fuoco (A Further Fire), a sculptural and material collection, composed of furnishings, accessories and objects with simple shapes and primordial textures, combing the impurity of the scoria and the purity of bronze.

With Secondo Fuoco project, Tipstudio focus on the unless, on metal waste exploring the potential of the scoria in a link between the the traditional approach to foundry culture and the spontaneity of metals.

The slag, usually composed of aluminum and calcium silicates, metal oxides derived from melting processes and other inert materials, are cataloged, reduced to fragments and subsequently combined and blocked with wax to be subjected to a new smelling process. So, the name: A Further Fire.

Functional and material sculptures each containing its inverse, its exact contrary. While the scoria highlights the spontaneity and expressions of this almost rocky impure matter, the bronze acts as a binder and structural element.

Expression of the combination/contrast visual/tactile between impalpable foams that become rocky and the fire with a bubbling and dazzling shine, the casted objects in limited edition have linear even brutalist shapes where waste and imperfection become part of the collection.

Tables, lamps, vases and mirrors find balance in the combination with elements in steel, crystal and marble to enhance the material hybridization that is the basis of the entire project.


With an archaic, enigmatic, even esoteric charm, a raw leather envelops and protects the preciousness of bronze.

The works reveal themselves to the physical interaction: formal rigidity flows into the curiosity of the person who touches, follows and reads the magmatic movement of the surfaces.

Secondo Fuoco is the result of over one year of research and experiments to achieve a fine balance between formal possibilities and method adopted, between nature and artifice, between matter and spirit, between waste and alchemy.