Born with the (winning) idea of proposing composite panels with a honeycomb structure, today Bencore also offers ready-to-use furnishing solutions and systems

Internationally recognized for its well-known 'honeycomb' solutions, Bencore is the demonstration of how the road towards sustainable production and quality is an unstoppable path, suitable for those who invest every day in the will to develop and meticulous research.

In less than twenty years, the young company from Carrara has made its composite panels a recognized brand throughout the world and, in the meantime, has continued to innovate. The catalog today has been enriched and includes a proposal of versatile and functional materials of its own production, furniture systems such as partition walls and sliding solutions , but also materials from international companies such as 3Form, Kaynemaile, Alusion, Smile Plastics and Précedés Chenel who have chosen Bencore as their official distributor for Italy and Europe.

Bencore Living, furnishing systems

Alongside the proposal of materials, the most recent Bencore Living is the division created to reinterpret the organization of environments in a functional way, always relying on and basing itself on the technological and decorative versatility of honeycomb cores. A new area born from the need to apply Bencore panels and propose them in finished systems, suitable for residential, contract, retail and business spaces.

The spearheads of Bencore Living are called Loop and Crystal, two different solutions that are, in the same way, bearers of functionality.

Immediate and simple to use, the Loop system separates rooms and multiplies living opportunities: it is a removable and equipped wall, useful for the composition of multifunctional spaces in the furnishing of business and domestic spaces. It is made with Lightben Mini and Hexaben Small (also in the Mirror versions), two ultra-light but highly performing Bencore materials.

A solution conceived in collaboration with Terno Scorrevoli - specialized in redefining spaces thanks to profiles for sliding systems applicable to furniture, doors and glass - which lends itself perfectly to new 'home-offices', suitable for smart workers looking for privacy and isolation.

Crystal, on the other hand, is the ideal double-glazed door/wall system for offices or business spaces capable of separating environments without being excessively noticed. The honeycomb structure of the Lightben CC core allows the light to filter freely, simply in a modulated way in terms of intensity and colour.

A performing solution, in terms of thermal insulation and acoustic, in honor of privacy, maintained in favor of the brightness of the environment.

The double glazing that Bencore offers arises from the combinatorial development of the honeycomb soul of Lightben CC (usable in all its chromatic variants) with glass skins to give life to a totally innovative and performing. Conceived in this way, the Crystal door/wall system is equipped with European fire certification Bs1 d0, resulting in a product that is entirely suitable for stemming and preventing the spread of possible fires for the purpose of total safety of each space.

Bencore materials, new additions to evergreens

Attention to ecological and recycling-oriented solutions does not represent a commercial strategy for Bencore but, first of all, a conscious creed that has always traced its path corporate.

In the name of this, new materials have been created over the years such as, among the most recent, 'Wasbottle', a solution conceived in partnership with Autogrill and obtained from recycled and recyclable plastic flakes.

Its prodigious characteristics, i.e. high index of compactness and workability, low coefficient of friction, as well as resistance to chemical agents and impacts and the fact that it is not hydroscopic make it versatile for making interior furnishing components, such as tables and shelves.

Again in terms of composite materials, Bencore has also created Lightben, the ultra-lightweight solution produced by coupling a core made up of cylinders in transparent polycarbonate with external skins of Polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic in various finishes and multiple colors. Thanks to the EPD carried out on the Lightben, its environmental performance has been described in a transparent manner by implementing a complete assessment of its life cycle (LCA) which has made it possible to categorize it in an indicative range between 'good' and 'very good' (where 'very good' means the company's maximum ability to minimize the environmental impact of the material with respect to the entire life cycle of the product, from production to delivery to the final customer).

Finally, Ecoben Wave Green Cast is the material made up of a core of recycled cardboard and 100% recycled and recyclable green cast acrylic skins ; suitable to be worked in various ways including the inclined cut for the creation of joints and other specific requests, it can for example be used for walls, doors, tables, shelves.

The vocation for research

Bencore's dedication to the research of materials with advanced technology has meant that, over the years, the company has added a department dedicated to the distribution of materials produced by external companies to its proprietary development area .

Bencore is in fact the official distributor for Italy and Europe of some internationally known materials. Examples are the materials of the American company 3Form, including Flek Pure, made from 100% recycled beadings, returned material samples and other reclaimed materials, and 3Form Vertu, made of formable resin and belonging to the 3Form Varia macro family of materials, with LCA and EPD certifications.

Among the brands distributed in Europe by Bencore there is also Alusion, an aluminum foam stabilized produced by the Canadian brand Cymat Technologies and obtained by injecting air into molten aluminium. Produced in continuous sheets or even in special formats, it is recycled and 100% recyclable.

And again, Kaynemaile, a decorative mesh made with single-chain polymers 100% recyclable and reusable, with an intriguing story: Kaynemaile was born on the film set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where Kayne Horsham, founder of the brand, worked as art director for the department Creatures, Armor and Weapons'.

Finally, Bencore distributes Smile Plastics, the English brand of design and production of materials that offers decorative panels from general waste and leftovers, with a mission to create the world's most beautiful circular plastics - 100% recycled and recyclable, and Procédés Chenel, a French brand specialized in the production of decorative paper for interiors with a strong aesthetic impact and the peculiarity of being qualified for the European fire certification Bs1 d0.