Ceramics, stoneware, natural stones, paints, resins, wallpaper. The latest news on the topic of coatings summarize the results of the research that the companies in the sector have conducted on a cardinal theme of design: color

A central element in any area of design, color is celebrated by companies that deal with coatings through collections that magnify its furnishing qualities and the ability to influence the mood of those around it.

Zellige, part of Marazzi's Crogiolo research, is the translation into the 10x10 cm format of the typical Moroccan tiles in highly polished glazed terracotta, to which the name refers. The advanced production technology has made it possible to industrially create a product that maintains the irregularities of hand-made majolica in multiple textures and shades and within each of the 12 colors of the collection: Turquoise, Salvia, Bosco, Cielo, Petrolio, China, Wool, Clay, Camel, Coral, Gypsum and Charcoal. A chromatic richness that ensures an almost infinite number of compositional possibilities.

Atelier is the new Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware collection, and was developed to dialogue with the other lines of the company catalog to the advantage of a transversality that ensures a very wide combinatory capacity. The line is available in the colors Rubino, Ottanio, Indaco, Oltremare, Lavanda, Fiordaliso, Brume and Cristallo, and in the sizes 40x120, 60x120, 120x120, 120x278 cm.

Specialized in the production of porcelain stoneware floors and walls is also Ceramiche Keope, which with 9Cento proposes a collection inspired by European modernist architecture of the early Nocevento. The six color choices – Ombra Moca, Raggio Verde, Alba Oro, Aurora Beige, Riflesso Bianco, Metamorphosis – bring to mind the atmosphere of the modern villas of the early years of the last century. There are also six measures of 9Cento, all 120 cm sideways with the exception of the minimum size, the 60x60 square.

Through the Venti Boost collection, Atlas Concorde celebrates cement tiles by providing a personal interpretation, mixing the idea of essential elegance with a Nordic echo, adding the Mediterranean touch of the color palette in shades of blue and the post-industrial detail of the material shades of concrete. The 20x20 cement tiles are marked by three design approaches – Classic, Blue and Concrete – and the line is modulated into two backgrounds, four mixes that combine different patterns and 12 decorative carpets.

Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine signs Quilt, the new mosaic in stoneware by Mosaico+ whose tiles can be laid regularly or randomly, generating an irregular effect that recalls the ancient seminato floors. The name derives from the quilt that unites the patchworks through a seam that is itself a decoration: precisely the role played by the fugues in the brand's collection. The project is developed on three basic tones, Chalk, Clay and Mud, and the smooth and structured variant of each color are available. Chromatic variants are added to the basic range in which only the segment takes on different shades.

From stoneware to stone, with color always in the foreground. In this example, the Antolini Explosion Blue quartzite covers a kitchen space, and its typical solemnity is tempered precisely by the variety of the palette that it naturally brings as a dowry, with colors ranging from light tones of beige and green-blue, to the more dark and deep of midnight blue. The sartorial installation of quartzite, then, manages to emphasize the horizontality of the long kitchen counter, while more open stains push the environment almost towards abstraction.

Color Collection is the name of the new range of colors and surfaces for interior decoration by Kerakoll: a complete system of eco-friendly decorative paints and resins coordinated in a palette of 150 contemporary colors composed of chromatic scales in which each color is complementary or combinable with the others. Color Collection is available in the wide range of Kerakoll Design finishes, textures and surfaces: paints, decorative and technical resins, micro-resins for re-design, resin and parquet coverings and floors.

It is always the color that attracts the viewer's gaze in Holes of Paradise, wallpaper from Londonart 's Luxury Shit collection which includes a selection of photos taken by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for Toiletpaper magazine: provocative, irreverent images with an immediate visual impact.

The object of this review is also the protagonist of another wallpaper, this time by Wall&decò: Solstizio d'estate (Summer Solstice, design Alessandro Gottardo), made to measure and available both on CWC support (in vinyl and TNT back), and on the new eco-friendly and 100% recyclable CWC-ECO.

Finally, a mention on the novelty of a company that does not deal with coatings but which, for years, has been carrying out an important research path on the theme of color: antoniolupi has recently expanded the palette designed for one of its patented material, Colormood, which is now available in eleven colors both for the brand's washbasins and for the tops, bathtubs and accessories, also in the new Soft Touch finish.


Cover photo: color palette from the Casalgrande Padana Atelier collection.