With two new references and all packaging completely redesigned from a sustainable perspective, Mapei is increasingly focusing on the value of living well-being

Performance, durability and aesthetics: the qualities that distinguish the water-based paint range of Mapei , one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemical products for construction founded in Milan in 1937, today brings an air of novelty.

Innovation, both on the packaging front and on the new references for interior finishes, can be read in an increasingly refined eye for those who use it.

The novelties are numerous: two new specialized water-based paints, a more sustainable approach and a better healthiness of the product.

Second Generation Pack

The packaging front represents the most transversal innovation: Mapei has completely renewed the pack of eight products. The new packages are in fact second generation , obtained from post-consumer recycled materials and in particular made with regenerated plastics and certified by third parties.

The novelty also concerns the reformulation of the format: starting from this season the water-based paints and wall enamels Mapei, based on resins synthetic in aqueous dispersion and selected fillers, are available in 14 l and 4 l packs; An additional 1 l option was also added, useful for creating color proofs at affordable costs or for creating color projects even for limited surfaces, without waste .

The yield in square meters is indicated on each package, with the aim of facilitating the choice of the appropriate package for the needs of those who buy.

Two new specialized water-based paints

The second innovation derives from the commitment of the company's Research Laboratories, which led Mapei to introduce two new specialized water-based paints to the range.

The first, Dursilite Igea, is designed for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens; the second, Dursilite Gypsos, was designed to be applied to plasterboard walls and dry systems. Both are formulated with BioBlock technology developed by Mapei to counteract the formation of mold on walls.

To complete the novelties, there is the new matt version of the stain-free wall enamel Mapecoat Act, which joins the already existing satin finish.

Thanks to the ColorMap® tinting system, it is possible to reproduce the Mapei color collections and formulate customized colors.

Healthiness: the well-being of man and the Planet

With particular attention paid to those who choose the company's water-based paints, Mapei is committed every day to improving and evolving its references with a view to optimizing living well-being.

Mapei's very low VOC emissions guarantee compliance with indoor air quality values, corresponding to the ecological classification A +: fundamental for respecting those who apply the paint, and those who live in the spaces in which has been used.

In the formulation of all products, it was decided not to use components that are hazardous to the environment and human health while maintaining high performance, despite increasingly stringent legislation.

The health of the person and the well-being of the planet are two guiding values ​​for Mapei: every choice made in the company, from the use of recycled plastic for the new packaging to the 'introduction of the new formats, represent a concrete commitment to contribute to a circular approach.

Thanks to this approach, all products comply with the minimum environmental criteria CAM, according to the recent upcoming update and can contribute to credits for buildings designed according to the LEED environmental protocol.

A panorama of references

Dursilite Base Coat is a smooth uniforming primer, based on modified acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion and selected fillers. Pigmented and colorable, it is ideal for uneven substrates; it has an excellent uniforming capacity that ensures a homogeneous finish and promotes adhesion to guarantee a perfect base-finish union.

Dursilite is Mapei's covering and washable wall paint. It gives the substrate a pleasant, smooth, velvety, opaque aesthetic appearance with low dirt retention and a high whiteness point. Suitable for the protection and decoration of all environments, in particular where chromatic projects of any color and intensity are envisaged.

Dursilite Igea is the breathable and mold resistant wall paint, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and environments subject to humidity. Thanks to its sanitizing properties, it allows to have rooms healed for a long time.

Dursilite Gypsos is the covering wall paint, easily super washable and resistant to mold. It gives the substrate a smooth, velvety, very opaque appearance with an excellent white point. It is suitable for plasterboard surfaces or modern construction systems due to its high masking capacity capable of minimizing defects.

Dursilite Master is the transpiring and covering wall paint, ideal for large surfaces, which gives the substrate a pleasant, smooth, opaque appearance with a good whiteness.

Dursilite Matt is the opaque and easily washable wall paint, ideal for extra matt effect finishes. Perfect for the protection and decoration of all environments, especially where extra-matt effect finishes are required.

Mapecoat Act Satin and Matt, finally, are the acrylic-based wall enamels for interiors with special biological protection agents with a broad spectrum of action, able to counteract the deposit and proliferation of molds, viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

It is a product suitable for the protection and decoration of all environments where it is necessary to guarantee a high level of hygiene and prolonged resistance to cleaning operations, such as for example medical-health environments, in addition to rooms subject to the HACCP protocol.

It gives the support a smooth and satin aspect, in the SATIN version, or opaque, in the MATT version.