ColorSystem is a new palette of shades, designed by David Lopez Quincoces for HDsurface’s coatings collections

Created by the Spanish designer David Lopez Quincoces, the ColorSystem palette was made by HDsurface to be declined in its most successful collections.

After innovating the concept of cladding with its proposal of surfaces in a continuous solution, for indoor and outdoor use, the company decided to evolve the project in the direction of color, intended as a unifying element.

Application on four successful material collections

The company’s laboratory, based in Gussago in the Brescia area, represents a place of excellence where the team of HDsurface experts has studied and patented its range of material surfaces, different from each other in terms of aesthetics and performance but all characterized by a pure and environmentally friendly recipe based on water, earths and pigments.

PerfectCombination is a coating, consisting of water-based colored mortar, which combines the naturalness of concrete with the durability and impermeability of the resin. It is ideal for walls, shower trays, tubs and floors, even with intense pedestrian traffic. The surface has a cloudy effect with changing chiaroscuro effects and a minimal style ideal for sophisticated and contemporary projects.

CoverHD is an opaque-effect nanoresin capable of coating multiple materials, both natural and synthetic, as well as wood, metal, plastic, concrete, ceramic and fabric, of which it respects the qualities giving a matt effect. Thanks to its excellent technical performance, it is a product suitable both for interiors, from bathrooms to kitchens, and for exteriors.

GeoTexture is an easy-to-apply mortar that does not require mixing and offers new possibilities in the creation of ‘do-it-yourself’ surfaces. A ready-to-use, breathable and solvent-free, safe and environmentally friendly coating, it is designed for indoor coating of large vertical and horizontal surfaces, including those with medium footfall, furniture and objects in private and public spaces. The excellent performance of resistance to water, acid and alkaline substances, also make it ideal for shower trays and kitchen tops.

Finally, GeoOutdoor is designed for outdoor use in the coating of terraces, walkways and poolside areas in private and public areas. It is a ready-to-use mortar that is walkable, breathable, resistant to atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature, waterproof and non-slip, which does not contain any substances harmful to humans or the environment, making it perfectly eco-friendly.

On this proposal of surfaces able to satisfy all the aesthetic and functional needs of customers, David Lopez Quincoces has built a declination of colors that play with textures and shades, enhancing the materiality with the alternation of lights and shadows.

New look for the Milanese showroom

Since last FuoriSalone in June, the set-up of the company’s showroom in Milan makes it possible to admire, as on paintings on the walls, the 37 colors that make up ColorSystem’s range. They range from the real protagonists of the palette, represented by non-colored colors, such as the neutral tones of whites and grays, to stronger declinations made of intense shades of green, ochre and yellow, of bright red and deep gradations of dark blue dark. A versatile and transversal collection where the different shades coexist in harmony to favor every stylistic choice.