Italian Terrazzo by Isoplam: the sustainable and multifaceted solution for the outdoors

The new Isoplam proposal revives washed gravel, also known as architectural concrete, in a surface with an ecological soul that allows for great freedom of expression. The trend of bringing nature inside and architecture outside of living and working spaces has made outdoor flooring real furnishing accessories, capable of enriching outdoor environments by creating a harmonious dialogue between context of insertion and design of materials.

Italian Terrazzo is the new outdoor solution that reinterprets architectural concrete, or washed stone, combining the best performance of concrete with attention to the environment. In just a few centimeters of thickness, strength, durability and functionality of concrete are combined with eco-sustainable components such as fine marble grit, river stones or natural stones, to which a special colored and additive fiber-reinforced mixture is combined.

Ideal for giving space to the creativity of clients and designers, Italian Terrazzo allows you to choose shades, combinations and types of grit, giving life not only to uniform surfaces of great effect, but also to designs, geometries, play of colors and material combinations.

All while respecting the environment: the processing allows the use of local materials, favoring a reduction in time and costs and allowing to give shape to a flooring capable of interpreting the place.

Italian Terrazzo is available in 5 color bases (Yellow Ocher, Mahogany, Cipria, Duna, Colorolore), which can become more assorted by using white and / or gray cement in variable proportions as a base. From private to public spaces, the floors fit into different contexts. Italian Terrazzo can be chosen to decorate squares, avenues, arcades, pedestrian areas and historic centers; furthermore, with the “exposed stone” finish, it turns out to be non-slip flooring for swimming pool edges, theme parks, holiday villages and ramps or sloping roads.