The flexibility and high performance of concrete make it an almost universally usable material

Thanks to its versatility constructive, its almost unlimited malleability and the simplicity of the construction technique, concrete is a hyper horizontal building material, that is that adapts to all needs. And which Beton Eisack has treasured, to innovate and develop cutting-edge construction solutions.

Concrete: natural versatility

The flexibility and the high performance of concrete make it an almost universally usable and indispensable material for future-oriented construction.

Starting from a rather simple basic formulation, is made with natural components such as cement from limestone and clay, sand, gravel or crushed stone and finally water. By selecting the starting materials and their mixing ratio, the properties of the concrete vary and are optimally adapted to different needs.

Heavy or light, heat-insulating, hygroregulatory or waterproof, depending on the composition, the concrete meets even the most stringent requirements.

This advantageous building material also convinces from a technical and economic point of view, especially in the versatile construction method using formwork and ready-to-use concrete supplied, known also as ready-mixed concrete.

On this front, Beton Eisack has created a high quality construction concrete, with innovative stability and thermal insulation characteristics: AeroBeton®.

What is AeroBeton®

AeroBeton® by Beton Eisack is a product based on cellular glass gravel, that is a solution obtained by thermal process from 100% recycled glass and processed in Beton treatment plants Eisack to obtain an extremely strong, lightweight concrete aggregate with good insulating performance.

With a density of 1,100-1,300 kg / m3, Beton Eisack's AeroBeton® achieves a remarkable compressive strength of 10-15 N/mm2 and can be used as facing concrete without additional insulation in buildings monolithic as well as giving excellent insulation and absorption acoustic and high resistance to bad weather.

Its durability and high quality make AeroBeton® by Beton Eisack a product that symbiotically marries a lifestyle based on the circular economy.

The characteristics of AeroBeton® by Beton Eisack for CasaClima

  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation
  • open to dissemination
  • high thermal storage capacity
  • non-flammable
  • long lasting
  • resistant to frost and de-icing salts

Who is Beton Eisack

Four decades of determined customer orientation and a continuous pursuit of quality have guided Beton Eisack in becoming a versatile construction specialist and a forerunner in terms of quality and service.

The company was founded forty years ago in the city of Chiusa, when a small gravel processing company was inaugurated which today is the market leader in South Tyrol for regarding the production and delivery of concrete ready-mixed.

Beton Eisack specializes in the proposal of different types of concrete, of all exposure and resistance classes and many special concretes. But its work is extensive and includes numerous construction areas: examples are the sale of sand, gravel, crushed stone, rocks, earth and recycled building materials, excavation and demolition works, civil engineering, the recycling of building materials and numerous additional services such as construction site management, snow removal and civil protection activities.

A constant investment in the research and development departments guarantees the company to maintain a high standard of quality and innovation, both in terms of products and services.

The environment, an asset to be preserved

Beton Eisack pays particular attention to ecological responsibility towards people and the planet. You do this by continually investing in measures that help preserve the resources, the environment and the neighbors of our facilities.

For example by constantly updating the fleet of vehicles, choosing mining and excavation sites as close as possible to the company structures, trying to find the shortest transport routes, recultivating disused quarries and recycling construction waste at managed recycling plants.

Furthermore, the Beton Eisack production plants are integrated with modern transport systems that reach and exceed the ecological benchmarks in terms of dust and emissions sound. The photovoltaic and rainwater recovery systems, then, effectively reduce the consumption of resources during operation.