Marble is experiencing a revival as a wall covering. Precious and timeless, it fascinates thanks to technological virtuosity, complex three-dimensionality, polychrome inlays, optical contrasts, author's interpretations

Synonymous with classic elegance, preciousness, luxury, marble is a material capable of speaking a contemporary, daring, experimental language. And to bring ideas of originality and unusual lightness to the interior design. Through technology. Numerical control machines of the latest generation are able to bring the material to ever thinner thicknesses, design complex modularities, create textures that invite to the touch. To talk about the new marble cladding surfaces, ‘flat’ is really the last adjective that can be used.


Full and empty, black and white

Holes. Only the Japanese lightness of Nendo can transform them into added value, creating for Marsotto a wall with a hypnotic rhythm. The void is also a matter of design for Lavagnoli, who exploits the convexity of a three-dimensional mesh in Bianco di Carrara to insert light or green.

If the whiteness of the most traditional of brands remains among the favorite options of designers and companies, there is no lack of color choices on the contrary. Elisa Ossino for Salvatori creates real optical black & white paintings by combining Carrara marble with Pietra D'Avola. Martinelli Venezia Studio for Lithea explore, in waves of material, the dark depths of Grigio Billiemi marble and Pietra Pece.

Grillage, by Nendo for Marsottoa divider panel composed of two layers of Carrara marble with a thickness of 8 mm, with a staggered circular pattern of perforation, enclosed by a pane of glass.

Scudo, di Lavagnoli Marmi, decorative coating in Bianco Carrara with satin finish. Characterized by the three-dimensionality of each element, it guarantees natural ventilation. The empty and full spaces can be integrated with elements of greenery or lighting to enhance the wall. The wall is made through modular aggregation of elements mechanically fixed on external or internal structures of the building.

Intarsi, by Elisa Ossino for Salvatorigeometric panels in natural stone, with different themes and measurements, that play with the color contrast between White Carrara marble and the dark tones of Pietra d’Avola.

Terre Arate stone facing by Martinelli Venezia Studio for LitheaThe wall is composed of 60x60x2 cm modules in Billiemi Gray marble (striped) and Pietra Pece (sculptural flint), both from Sicilian quarries, rotated at 90 degrees.


3D trend

The exploration of the third dimension is one of the most interesting aspects of the new proposals for stone coverings. Not only because it highlights the technological excellence of the workmanship, but also for the original expressive results. The walls come alive with chiaroscuro effects, which vary according to the incidence of light, and with unprecedented tactile qualities.

Stone City decorative marble facing by Marco Piva for Kreooa dynamic geometric texture produced with refined CNC milling machines in modules of 60x60x2 cm, in White, Persian Grey, Black Marquinia or Grigio Bardiglio marble.


Ondafrom the collection of 3D marble facings by Margraf; the undulated relief texture creates a game of light and shadow on the surfaces of the modules in White Carrara marble, measuring 60x60x3 cm.


Color inlays

Nature is the first designer. Marble colors and veins are an original palette that some companies, such as Antolini, tend to enhance, without superimposing further signs. The secret for others is composition: selecting and combining different marbles in new forms of language. It is the contemporary version of an ancient art, inlay. Great interpreters are Patricia Urquiola for Budri or Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design, passing through the Marble Patterns of Del Savio 1910.

A nighttime area embellished with a backlit wall in Irish Green marble from the Antolini Exclusive Collection. It is a marble that magnifies the shades of green, characterized by an uneven color and by shades ranging from dark to light; thanks to its variegated veins, Irish Green allows you to create new geometries and makes each creation unique and unrepeatable. The slabs are available in Lux, Leather and Matt finishes.

By Patricia Urquiola for Budri, modular wall covering with artistic inlay. The marbles used for the sinuous design, on a background in Calacatta Caldìa: Verde Cipollino, Lapis Lazuli, Bianco Sivec, Verde Lapponia, Verde Acquamarina, Azul Macaubas and Onice Bianco.

Myth decorative facing in multicolored marble by Mae Engelgeer for Del Savio 1910,  composed of 60x120 cm panels, with a thickness of 18 mm. White Carrara, Cipollino, Rosa Asiago and Verde Guatemala are the types of marble utilized.

From the Opus collection by Lithos Design, Allegro flooring and facing designed by Raffaello Galiotto. A geometric and multicolored composition with modules of 60x60x1.8 cm, in Carrara Ghiaccio, Sodalite, Nero Marquinia, Verde Ming, Rosa Agata, Rosso Alicante, Giallo Valencia, Bardiglio Nuvolato marble.