Studio F bases its production on the use of reclaimed wood, embracing sustainability and innovation, honoring the aesthetics of a precious raw material

Studio F  was born in Turin in 2017 by Federico Boschiazzi and Francesco Lucchetti, self-taught designers who share a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability. The atelier expresses its ethics in the recovery of centenary plants, embracing sustainability and innovation. Today he can count on a new partner, Francesco Valfrè, and on a team of five people who are divided into the two souls of the studio: the laboratory and the atelier. What unites and shapes the two realities is solid wood and its recovery. Passion and respect for materials have allowed the design and production of unique handmade pieces that have received important awards in Italy and abroad.

Working on the combination of opposite elements, the raw material with the exclusive finish, the aesthetics of nature with the intervention of man, the studio has created a creative balance that reflects the emerging trends of design, art and craftsmanship.

The three partners believe in the power of collaborations: they have collaborated with designers who share the same artistic vision and passion for sustainable design, collaborations that reflect their commitment in the field of creativity. To architecture and interior design studios they make available rare essences and refined finishes to give shape to the client's requests.

“We are looking for rare and precious centenary plants, which grow slowly and have a story to tell. Each tree used in production is recovered because it fell following natural events or planned felling. Through our projects we tell their story ”, they explain. "Know-how by hand and craftsmanship are important to us. Care and attention to detail also count, but they are not enough: when you get involved, you do research, you get out of the box and you get crazy results".