Designed by AdriAn Blanc for Sitland, Bomm is a module and modular seating system, ideal for creating comfortable and flexible workspaces

Bomm is a modular system of seats and functional accessories for ‘mobile’ work, relaxation and sharing, which AdriaAn Blanc designed for Sitland, drawing inspiration from the contrasts observed in the construction sites of a South Indian village, where modern structures interact with the typical forms of traditional religious architecture. A transversal response to the multifaceted needs of a world that requires privacy and sharing, comfort and speed at the same time, Bomm is made up of tubular metal elements which, combining in space, generate dynamic configurations that welcome the upholstered elements, strongly connoting the context. The system thus becomes an expression of the infinite possibilities that a linear and pure design is able to offer: the essentiality of the products, the choice of materials and finishes - consistent with the DNA of a company that definitely aims at sustainability - and the reserved care to the details, they represent the ingredients of a successful concept. It can be inserted both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

At a glance

What is it?
Bomm is a module and modular seating system designed for new work spaces, transit and waiting areas. The composing elements have been developed to meet the current needs of flexible and dynamic furnishing pieces.
What its design concept?
Bomm is inspired by the structures protecting the temples under construction in the village of Bommyarpalayam, India. A contrast between steel scaffolding and traditional architecture: metal pipes combine and create an infinite number of compositions to adapt to the building and the ground.
How and where is it manufactured?
The system is designed with a view to sustainability. Composing materials have been selected so that they can offer maximum resistance and durability over time, so as to increase the life cycle of the product. Easy to compose and configure, Bomm requires complex processes, which concern the creation of the original joint characterizing its steel structure. The completely removable cover is made with great attention to detail and a meticulous choice of materials and finishes.
What makes it special?
The extreme comfort combined with the possibility of disassembling each component, both for a complete restyling of the product and for its recycling at the end of its life.