The Marche-based brand focuses on a typological niche: the extendable glass table. Efficiency of mechanisms, management of proportions and maximum flexibility in use

A precise typology that is not simple from a design point of view: that of extendable glass tables. Milton by Cantori belongs to this category and is truly an example that has something to say at the design level. First of all for its dimensions. Four metres and twenty centimetres in the larger version, two metres in the 'smaller' version. And then the formal lightness, skilfully handled by designer Luca Roccadadria, who has also thought of an original prismatic shape that makes the appearance of a table designed to be above all practical, functional and stable more surprising.

The elegance and lightness of glass

Managing the functionality of a product of this type, i.e. the movement of additional tops, requires skill and a good manufacturing DNA, which Cantori here expresses to the full in a piece that is generous in size and at the same time easy to use. The image of a large table capable of becoming even larger to accommodate family, friends or crowded business meetings without losing the elegance and lightness of glass is the real plus of Milton. A product that has a certain amount of courage in its realisation, difficult to imagine without a long manufacturing history behind it.

Essential aesthetics

The steel mechanism underlying the opening and closing of the two additional shelves is simple and smooth. Its appearance is elegantly resolved, reduced to the essential so as not to disturb the beauty of the transparent top. It is a concept designed to become a passepartout in any type of environment, from the most contemporary to the most historic. A quality typical of glass, capable of becoming a sophisticated presence in any type of space.

Two shapes for two sizes

The decision to create two different sizes and two different shapes is dictated by the desire to play on the characteristics of the material, taking it to unusual declinations. Milton in the 200/300 centimetres version has a top shaped in a polygonal prismatic form which, once opened, contributes to lightening the table as a whole. The maxi version, which reaches more than four metres in length, opts instead for a classic rectangular geometry.

Balanced and harmonious

The rhomboid-section steel legs complete a classic, balanced and harmonious piece. Milton is also available in a fixed version and Cantori also makes it to measure.