Two new flagship stores inaugurated in the capital showcase the brand's style, language and innovation

Ever since the choice of its name, the Friuli-based company's aim has been to propose a new design for the kitchen environment that could satisfy stylistic and functional requirements with taste and formal rigour. A sartorial approach that today characterises the company's entire proposal: from kitchen systems to bathroom and living systems. For over thirty years, Modulnova has been exporting the excellence of Made in Italy throughout the world. An important presence on the international scene that does not neglect the Italian market, still the brand's first reference market: a significant fact of the deep relationship that has always bound Modulnova to the country.

Telling your own style

A bond celebrated with the opening of two important flagship stores in Rome: one in Via Gregorio VII and one in Via dei Prati Fiscali. Two showrooms, opened in strategic areas of the city, that tell the identity of the brand and stand as authoritative reference points for architects and interior design professionals. The showrooms express Modulnova's style, innovative aesthetic language and design approach that mixes architecture, design, technical innovation and attention to detail.

An immersive experience

In Via Gregorio VII, in the immediate vicinity of the Vatican City, the Modulnova Roma flagship store was created in collaboration with Stuarr, an interior design studio that has been working in the capital for over fifty years with exclusive proposals and avant-garde solutions. Articulated on two levels, it houses the top of the brand's collections and is the place to live an immersive experience in the Modulnova world: from the kitchen to the bathroom, to the living room.

A large glazed entrance

The flagship store in Prati Fiscali overlooks a street of great commercial appeal in the heart of Montesacro, an ancient district of northern Rome and a prestigious residential area. The space, on the ground floor of a building, has a large glassed-in entrance and three important shop windows; inside, the various kitchen, living and bathroom areas are articulated.

Man and beauty

Both flagships celebrate Modulnova's identity and style, which places man and beauty at the centre of its design. From the Blade Lab kitchen in Amarula stone, the protagonist of the shop window in Via Gregorio VII, to the two Skill system kitchen solutions that can be admired in the shop window of the store in Via dei Prati Fiscali: both with clean lines, modern and elegant design, expressing the centrality of the use of innovative technologies and materials.