A versatile and innovative programme for composing and customising the most lived-in room in the home

Lifestyles change. The way of living in the home changes. The way of planning interior design changes. This is all the more true for the living area, the most spacious and usually most lived-in room in the home between moments of relaxation on sofas and armchairs and conviviality around the table. Rethinking furniture, complements, objects, defining spaces aesthetically and functionally, can be the starting point when you want to renovate the living room, where plays of volumes, materials and colours define the relationship of forces between the various elements. Often, a well-designed and careful arrangement of furniture is enough to give a room a new face, renewing and expanding the space.

Reorganising space

The Modulnova solution for the living area gives shape to an environment of great aesthetic impact, a true architectural project capable of transmitting dynamism and harmony. A balance made possible by the versatility of the Blade programme (design Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello) which, with its innovative and exclusive design, offers total freedom of composition and customisation.

A new design

The composition is made even more distinctive by the use of materials such as oak wood, which is textured and in warm tones. The protagonist is the long oak wood shelf, whose horizontal thrust is taken up by the leaf metal ivory boiserie, in particular by the advanced panel whose perimeter is defined by an LED light that warms the room and creates an enveloping play of light and shadow, emphasised by the combination with the vertical columns in dark depth satin lacquer.

Living the home without limits

Floor-to-ceiling columns, a distinctive element of the Modulnova philosophy, offer the possibility of designing architectural spaces without limits: just as in this programme, the Unlimited bookcase defines spaces while maintaining design continuity between living and kitchen.

A versatile programme

The selection of materials and the compositional possibilities offered by the Blade programme reflect the sensitivity and personality of the company's lifestyle: from the Blade dark depth satin lacquered column fronts to the oak long shelf, from the 20 leaf metal ivory to the 70 leaf metal ivory and the sahara noir stoneware ceiling panel. Up to the Unlimited bookcase with super matt black grey iron structure and the table with iron structure, sahara noir stoneware top.