In the Nave and Milan showrooms of RBM Spa's wellbeing division, you can experience how temperature, humidity and air quality control is the basis for the well-being of every architectural project. Between integrated solutions and silent systems

Careful observation of nature still has much to teach. This form of ‘bio-inspiration’, which places man at the centre, makes it possible to realise projects and provide solutions that not only prove useful, but also help to better understand nature itself. One only has to think of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci who, by observing and studying the flight of birds, tried to unravel their secrets and went so far as to create the first models of flying machines. In more recent times, observation of nature has led to the development of engineering solutions at the microscopic level in the world of nanotechnology. Or again, it has helped chemists and engineers develop new materials with unexplored properties. Inspired by nature, MORE, a division of RBM Spa, has approached the key elements of environmental comfort, studying systems that can be customised and integrated into architecture.

A true revolution

Climatic well-being is at the heart of this revolution, guaranteeing maximum comfort and protecting the health of those who live and work in any environment. The three key indicators that the engineers at MORE have worked on are temperature, humidity and air quality. The result of years of research and study has been the achievement of the delicate balance of these elements, which are essential for people's well-being.

Custom-designed solutions

Wellbeing control solutions are flexible and adaptable, allowing them to meet the needs or constraints imposed by the diversity of environments, even those served by the same system. Each solution is custom-designed and made-to-measure, with the support of MORE, which assists architects and professionals at all stages, from design to final testing.

A simple and intuitive interface

Thanks to this, each implementation is integrated into the architecture and tuned to the functions and usage needs of the individual spaces. A single intelligence, manageable through a user-friendly centralised control interface, allows environmental parameters to be monitored and adjusted with a few simple gestures.

A flexible system

At the headquarters in Nave, in the Brescia area, we experienced a climatic wellbeing experience at the heart of the MORE hospitality concept. A lounge space and a suite were created inside the company showroom. The lounge is a complex space, a crossroads of passage, where several factors can interfere with an optimal well-being condition: among them, the fluctuations of the external climate and the unpredictability of the number and flow of people. This makes it necessary to have a flexible system that guarantees climatic wellbeing even in extreme situations of crowding, continuous passage and outside temperature.

Silent systems

A suite has also been recreated in the showroom, a space with small dimensions to exaggerate the requirements, because it is precisely in small spaces that it becomes essential to make use of silent climate control and management systems, managing internal disturbances quickly and without annoying air movement.

Climate and air quality

In the suite, the company has recreated the model of a small flat or hotel suite to demonstrate to customers and planners the ability of MORE's solutions to guarantee climate and air quality even in sub-optimal conditions. In this way, well-being becomes a replicable condition in every domestic, working and hospitality space.