The company designs what cannot be seen: environmental comfort. In the Milan showroom at Via Solferino 15, all climatic wellbeing solutions are integrated into every room, essential parts of the flow of space

The concept of wellbeing has revolutionised the idea of well-being, opening the way to new ways of thinking about health: body, mind, social relations, work are the many faces of the same philosophy of life, complementary and essential elements for a stimulating and fulfilling existence. Wellbeing means being well where one lives, works, and meets as a community: a concept that promotes wellbeing in a broad sense that includes the emotional, physical, social and professional spheres, in which the person is the protagonist. A dynamic and changing balance, an ideal that is apparently simple but complex to achieve.

New standards of well-being

Following this philosophy, More continues its research in the discovery of new standards of well-being: it conceives and realises customised and efficient solutions for the climatic well-being of living and working environments, both collective and private, designing and building integrated systems that enable the management, control and optimisation of the three variables, indices of well-being in environments: temperature, humidity and air quality.

Imitating nature

The solutions offered are inspired by a very simple principle: imitate nature. More systems rely on innovative, heterogeneous radiant elements that can be used in different applications, both for heating and cooling, exploiting natural convective motions, avoiding forced air circulation that is not functional for a rapid restoration of well-being conditions.

Room Wellness and Spa

On the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2023, the brand changed the layout of the Milan showroom in Via Solferino with a project signed by architect Marco Carini and presented the new 'Room Wellness and Spa', a transparent crystal volume offering climatic comfort specifically for the bathroom environment. The Spa is a place related to wellness where people go to relax, a curative and beneficial element. For many, the spa experience takes place predominantly at home, in the bath or shower: heat, aromas and water combine to guarantee a state of tranquillity and rest.

PAD, essential and invisible

The crystal volume shows a wall composed of portals clad with different finishes: from wood to painted plaster to stone and ceramic that reveal the potential of the PAD electrical system. This is a low-voltage technopolymer radiant mat for indoor and outdoor use, capable of self-limiting the maximum operating temperature. Its minimal thickness makes it easy to mould to the shapes of the surfaces to be covered, and its nanotechnology ensures low energy consumption. Applicable on walls, floors, ceilings or integrated into furnishing accessories, it remains hidden, accentuating the ideal of invisible essential well-being. Available with different supply voltages, it can be used as heating in rooms not served by the main hydronic system.

Wall Bathroom Accessories by Piero Lissoni

The new layout, starring the "Room Wellness and Spa", has been enriched by a brand new collection of wall bathroom accessories designed by Piero Lissoni: not only attention to what is there but is concealed, but also to all that is visible to our eyes and must be taken care of in every detail. The essentiality of the graphic sign defines Piero Lissoni's proposals studied in every detail, representative of the functional cleaned of all that is superfluous. The accessories are minimal, integrated into the architecture to hide even the smallest presence of screws, and eliminate any element of visual disturbance. Lissoni's proposals turn out to be metaphysical wall installations in which the essential forms express the beauty of simplicity and aesthetic cleanliness.