Rounded, enveloping forms define Pacific, the new collection designed for Moroso by Patricia Urquiola, which includes a sofa and an armchair

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, the new Pacific collection includes a modular sofa and an armchair, and is distinguished by its almost ‘protective’ seating, capable of generating intimacy and restoring an enveloping idea of relaxation. The rounded, oversize forms are a reference to the relaxed atmospheres of the American West Coast, to which its name refers. This soft and sinuous look is particularly enhanced in the sofa, characterized by the total absence of edges and by the ‘couture’ details. The fabric, soft and woolly, has been chosen to create a precious tactile effect, whether it is a refined bouclé, a soft wool or a luxurious velvet. For the company, Pacific represents the continuation of a design path that began with the Redondo collection, also designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2010. “It is the evolution of a collection that in recent years has been and still is very successful, also thanks to the innovative use of surface finishes”, says Patrizia Moroso, the company’s art director. “With Pacific, on the other hand, we have worked more on the form in plan and on the current return of curved and abundant lines.”

At a glance

What is it?
A collection composed of a modular sofa available in different sizes and an armchair. The sofa combines large volumes and rounded shapes with absolute comfort. Ideal for domestic use, the collection is also suitable for hospitality projects, both for public areas and for lounges and bedrooms.
What its design concept?
The starting point was to develop a collection characterized by soft and oversized shapes, defined by the absolute absence of edges and couture details, and able to recall the relaxed atmosphere of the American West Coast.
How and where is it manufactured?
The product is entirely handmade in Italy, using the guaranteed quality chain that has supported Moroso in its creations for years. A network of virtuous companies that guarantees the sustainable quality of its materials. All the stages of assembly, cutting, sewing and lining are handled by Moroso’s craftsmen.
What makes it special?
The curved and sensual shapes, combined with a high and enveloping backrest and the modularity of the elements, make the product different from current proposals on the market.
In the designer’s own words
With Pacific we resumed the story we started with Redondo, which tells of sinuous and welcoming shapes. For the new sofa I designed deliberately exaggerated roundness, which communicates the same warmth of an embrace, gently enveloping in the curved backrest. I wanted to recover all the essentiality of the design of the 1950s starting with the soft profile, without corners, and the upholstery showing a very delicate hand, thanks to the choice of fabrics that I would define domestic. Pacific is a product born in this last singular year, during which we have understood, as never before, the centrality of domestic spaces. The home has become our micro-cosmos and so the living room has become the driving force of our days: it has become the place where we have met friends digitally, where we have exercised and gathered the family to watch a movie. I wanted Pacific to be the ideal companion of all these moments, capable of adapting to the habitat of each of us thanks to essential shapes and generous volumes.

Ph. Alessandro Paderni-Eye Studio