The kitchen project of contemporary living is renewed under the banner of conviviality and socialisation

The kitchen is, together with the living room, increasingly dedicated to moments of socialising and sharing. Not only a functional area for cooking and preparing food, but also an informal and welcoming space for relationships between people. With Motus, designed by Vittore Niolu, Scavolini investigates the social role of the contemporary kitchen: a multitasking space, a meeting place for the family, an environment dedicated to conviviality.

Emotions, colours, finishes, inserts

Motus integrates two polarities: at one extreme we find emotions, the intimate relationship with things, naturalness. At the opposite extreme is the unexpected: sometimes bright colours, metallic finishes, mirrored glass inserts. These are the principles of Scavolini design, combined with an elegant and discreet style that allows you to personalise and enhance your private space,’ Niolu explains.

Flexibility and modularity

The result of research into the evolution of living and the design approach to the kitchen environment, Motus by Scavolini reads the contemporary under the banner of customisation. Its compositional flexibility and modularity leave ample creative freedom.

Functional and decomposable elements

‘Motus is aggregable by function, decomposable by space and reconfigurable over time,’ continues Vittore Niolu. ‘Individual elements are independent of each other, capable of independently performing the function for which they were designed.’

Connecting spaces

The living room merges with the kitchen work area, breaking down the traditional barriers between everyday, private and working life. With the Motus project, Scavolini relates spaces in a versatile way, proposing solutions designed also for the home office.

Handle-less door

The distinguishing feature of Motus by Scavolini is the handle-less door with its linear movement created by the grip carved into its thickness in the upper part of the base units. In the case of tall units, the visible grip remains only in the lower door, which also allows the upper door to be opened. There are two types: lacquered (glossy and matt) and decorative in different material nuances, offered in elegant colour ranges.

Elegance and lightness

Scavolini also offers a reinterpretation of the classic glass door, where only one band is made of this material: horizontal for base units, vertical for tall units, with mirrored glass. The presence of the vertical band gives elegance to the cupboards and lightness to the volumes.

A kitchen with personality

In addition to the special feature of the door, there is the 65 cm deep, protruding shaped drawer positioned under the worktop, which enhances the personality of the kitchen. A geometric and scenic element that enlivens the design and increases the functional space.

A rich proposal of accessories

Scavolini enriches the configurations with a rich proposal of accessories (Opus Series, Sign Series and Setup system) so that every object has the right place and everything is always tidy and within reach.