Doga is the outdoor furniture collection in recyclable fiberglass resin inspired by the theme of the slat revisited in a contemporary key by the designer Raffaello Galiotto

Fresh, light, ergonomic, Doga is the outdoor furniture collection consisting of seats with and without armrests, lounge chair and monobloc coffee table in fiberglass resin inspired by the theme of the stave, revisited in a contemporary key by Raffaello Galiotto. Definitely outdoor both for aesthetics and functionality, it is ideal for any residential or contract outdoor environment. It is handy, stackable, easily sanitized and completely recyclable.

A game of solids and voids

The seating family is characterized by an open design, a play of solids and voids marked by a sequence of horizontal slats. “The design of the collection is based on cylindrical geometry, used in its complete form as regards the structure and sectioned in the case of the slats”, explains the designer. "Each slat is like a half cylinder resting on the frame and then joined thanks to an accurate three-dimensional software modeling capable of returning a pleasant effect of visual and tactile softness."

New color palette

The study of colors has introduced a chromatic range that opens up to new scenarios and is declined according to the contexts in which the collection can be the protagonist. For more relaxed and romantic spaces, Doga offers white; anthracite and tobacco for a more industrial and urban mood, the warm colors of cappuccino to blend into historical contexts and marsala for a touch of original eccentricity. The green shades represented by mint, pear and agave are inevitable for more natural environments.

Variants of shape and size

Doga Armchair is the monobloc seat with armrests: width 60 cm - depth 56.5 cm - maximum height 83.5 cm - seat height 46.5 cm - armrest height: 64.5 cm - weight 4.8 kg.

Doga Bistrot is the seat without armrests: width 53 cm - depth 55 cm - maximum height 82.5 cm - seat height 47.5 cm - weight 4 kg.

Doga Relax is the large lowered armchair: width 70 cm - depth 75.5 - maximum height 76 cm - seat height 41.5 cm - weight 6 kg.

Regeneration project

Working in order to make production processes increasingly sustainable is an integral part of the Nardi philosophy which is part of the large industrial project "Regeneration" for the reuse of used plastic. The Vicenza-based company manufactures durable products, uses recyclable polypropylene, enhances the entire production with recognized design and a made in Italy supply chain.