Nardi presents Combo and Stack by Raffaello Galiotto. Recycled materials and rational design for two new additions to the Regeneration programme

Combo and Stack are the two new Nardi products in recycled and recyclable plastic from the Regeneration industrial programme for the production of recycled plastic furniture. Two elementary, simple objects that accurately convey the brand's green philosophy. Changing the way we produce, and doing so in favour of safeguarding resources, also means going in search of new aesthetics and different solutions. Experimenting with the rigour of a monochromatic choice, that of the Earth colour, which truly allows post-consumer reuse of materials. As well as favouring intelligent technical solutions that simplify production cycles, such as the addition of a height extension that transforms the Combo table into its taller version.

Combo and Stack by Raffaello Galliotto for Nardi

Simplicity and rigour

Raffaello Galiotto is the designer working alongside Nardi for Combo and Stack. The formal choice tends towards simplicity and rigour of lines and the practicality of joints. But there are also more 'gentle' parts, expressing the desire to do things correctly, but also pleasing and new from a typological point of view. Details such as the spiral design of Stack, which perfectly fulfils the function of stackability and at the same time breaks out of the classic external strip pattern. Or the central hole in the seat that serves to drain water in the event of rain, but also to be able to move the seat easily. Two different sizes of Stack, mini and maxi, complete the range.

The rule of transformability

The Combo table speaks even more clearly of the desire to really use design to find the best way to solve problems. In the catalogue, tables of different heights are needed, but not necessarily pieces that meet this need individually. Hence the idea of an 'extension', an additional element that hooks onto the base with an interlocking system. These may seem like details, but the transformability of objects is one of the unwritten rules of sustainability. Firstly, because it accustoms us to thinking in a substantially parsimonious manner in terms of materials and moulds. And secondly because one object doing many things is better than many objects doing one thing.

The beauty of plastic

Nardi also thinks about aesthetics and finds a way to recycled and recyclable plastic that uses codes similar to those of wood. The materiality, the irregular pattern, the matt and rough surface. Everything is reminiscent of wooden bundles. But the great thing about plastic, when used in large thicknesses and if it comes from reliable recycling programmes, is the possibility of putting existing materials back into circulation. Furthermore, Stack and Combo are made from a recycled plastic with high thicknesses, which is durable and maintenance-free.