For those who love spending time in their nest, what better idea than a gift for the home? Here are our proposals, which range from elegant retro-style play sets to the evergreen accessories proposed for this Christmas in a special edition

If chosen with care, Christmas gifts for the home are a passe-partout capable of warming the heart, bringing satisfaction to even the most fussy: elements which, positioned in right, they know how to warm up the environment by telling a little about the personality of those who live there.

Be careful, therefore, to carefully consider at least one nuance of the people you are giving them to: if they are true design lovers who love icons, surprise them with the limited editions of the season with a pop declination; if they are passionate about rituals and fragrances, think of them by choosing an elegant incense burner from natural materials; if they love spending time with family and friends, they might appreciate refined playsets with precious details.

Considering different tastes and inclinations, we have selected for you a collection of Christmas gift proposals for the home which we will keep constantly updated until Christmas Day 2023.

1. UNO for Kartell, the special edition modular units

For this Christmas 2023 Kartell in collaboration with Mattel, presents the special edition of one of its iconic pieces: 'Componibile ONE'.

Inspired by playing cards, it focuses on the pop and lively colors of the famous board game; in limited edition, Componibile UNO is available in the white version with four elements in which the opening doors with the characteristic hole will be made in the typical colors of the papers but in a powder version: pink, yellow, green and blue. Combined with the Componibile, there is also a special edition of 'UNO' cards personalized with the unmistakable products of Kartell, from the Louis Ghost chair to the Battery lamp, from the Mobil chest of drawers to the Bookworm bookcase. The special Jolly cards depict the gnome Attila and the Componibili limited edition for a deck destined to also become a collector's item.

To gift to fans of design icons, this version will amaze them.

Price: €239 for the Componibile, €34 for playing cards

2. Ginori 1735, Incense burner

In pure porcelain, the incense burner of Ginori 1735 embodies 'The Friar', a symbol of generosity and connoisseur of the alchemy of the human soul who always knows how to help. He represents a face resting on a porcelain plate, which refers to his cloak. The street-art style decorations refer to the ingredients used by friars to create perfumes in the Renaissance period. It is refillable and comes with a set of 80 sticks scented with the Orange Renaissance fragrance; the Black Stone, Purple Hill, Amber Lagoon and Musk Road fragrances are also available.

To gift to those who care about the energy dimension of the home and appreciate the symbolism.

Price: €245.00

3. Nuvola 03 by Mario Cucinella for Officine Tamborrino

A new collection of handcrafted accessories, consisting of a table, console and coffee table and designed by Mario Cucinella for Officine Tamburino. Available in three dusty colours, Nuvola 03 is the coffee table with soft and sinuous curves that expresses a sense of lightness thanks to the free geometries that meet steel. The entire Nuvola line is interesting because it is the result of research into materials and sustainable design through the unconventional use of steel, chosen for its durability over time.

To gift to those who appreciate a gift that speaks of quality and sustainability also in terms of materials.

Price: €720.00

4. Synergy by Kooduu

Designed and made in Denmark, Synergy by Kooduu is one of those thoughts that conquer at first glance: fun, multi-function and intriguing on the tech front. It is characterized by a minimal design that acts both as a thermo-container, as an audio amplifier, and as a four-intensity LED light point. It is the contemporary declination of the glacette. Synergy is available in 3 sizes: 35 which is the smallest, 50 which is the medium size and the large version, Synergy 65.

To gift to a multitasking person who cannot be satisfied with 'one thing at a time' and who loves to fully enjoy every moment

Price: €159.00

5. Lucente, Gupica for Visionnaire

A concentration of light and elegance. Lucente is the new light design project designed by Gupica for Visionnaire which sits perfectly under the Christmas tree. A gift idea for the home in 'gem' format with a sophisticated volume that tells the story of the behavior of light, which with Lucente breaks and reflects on the faceted surfaces of the precious stones, giving life to suggestive luminous and colorful effects.
To gift to those who love to experience moments of relaxation in soft light

Price on request

6. Germoglio lamp, Marcantonio for Natuzzi

With a fairy-tale appearance, the Germoglio table lamp designed by the designer Marcantoniofor Natuzzi Italia, is a tribute to the rebirth of nature and celebrates the bond with the man. In the golden version, it is rechargeable and is made entirely by hand by specialized craftsmen.

To gift to those who furnish their homes with an inclination towards irony and are always on the cutting edge when it comes to design.

Cost on request

7. Censer Incense Burner, design Apparatus Design Studio

Still on the theme of purification rituals, we also offer the incense holder in aged brass and ceramic by Apparatus Design Studio. Available in two versions, namely aged brass (waxed) or blackened brass (waxed), the Censer Incense Burner is complemented by a refined porcelain dome. It denotes the environment with a minimalist and precious nod.

To gift to anyone who supports 'less is more', in affinity with minimalist furnishings but imbued with meaning.
Price: $880.00 (original price in US dollars).

8. Pineider playing card set

A gift for home and free time, to be spent in the company of games. The Pineider Leather Playing Card Set is the most classic of gifts for those who love to challenge friends and relatives. With precious and high quality details, the set is complete with notepads, two decks depicting the symbols of Pineider craftsmanship and a case made of Saffiano leather. Available in hazelnut, Tirreno Blue and black.
To gift to anyone who loves classics, as long as they are of the highest quality. And who would never stop collecting them.

Price: €435.00

9. Vitra, Eames Elephant

Designed by Charles & Ray Eamesin 1945, the iconic Eames Elephant by Vitra was initially made of plywood while it is now also offered in the alternative and more accessible plastic version , available in different colors. A gift that does not know the passage of time: to be interpreted as a toy or as a decorative object.

To gift to anyone who loves timeless and ageless icons

Price: €279.00

10. Vetrofuso by Daniela Poletti

They are handcrafted, you can see it, and for this reason even more beautiful. We discovered them at Moiré Gallery, in Milan, together with numerous other designer pieces that are capable of satisfying an entire wishlist of Christmas gifts for the home on their own. The bowls Salt/Sugar bowl Bibì & Bibò with spoon of Vetrofuso are objects with a sculptural design that turn living into an art. They are unique pieces, repeatable but each one created by Daniela Poletti in a completely singular way, which bring a touch of character to the table and the environment (they can also be used in an alternative way, as decorative or storage pieces). elegance. The decoration of the teaspoon is made of brass.

To gift to anyone who loves uniqueness

Price: from €110.00 to €130.00

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11. Fornasetti, 2024 Calendar Plate

It is the traditional Fornasetti creation, now in its fifty-seventh edition. The Fornasetti Calendar Plate is a collector's item handcrafted in porcelain and embellished with gold details, designed to convey a message of greetings through images of the unmistakable Fornasetti language. The protagonist of the 2024 Calendar Plate is Harlequin, associated in the collective imagination with irony and wit. In this case three Harlequins dress in the typical lozenge costume, one of the geometric patterns from the Fornasetti archive, made hypnotic by the repetition of black and white illuminated here and there by the presence of gold. The light-heartedness and resourcefulness transmitted by the Harlequins are the Atelier's wish for the new year, to be lived with an unconventional spirit, with that pinch of madness that has always fueled the imagination. In porcelain with gold, it is a limited edition of only 950 pieces.

To gift to the faithful of the Fornasetti world and to those who, in particular, collect its calendar plates

Price: €280.00

12. Sant Ambroeus cappuccino set by Ginori 1735

Service of two cappuccino cups with saucers produced byGinori 1735, Italian excellence in the art of porcelain manufacturing. The Sant Ambroeus logo and the delicate pink border, also present on the saucers, are hand-painted on the cups.

To gift to anyone who loves porcelain and the iconic Milanese restaurant now famous throughout the world, so they can take home a small memorabilia

Price: €240.00

13. Iconic La Boule Memphis, Villeroy & Boch

A clear homage to the iconic Memphis style characterizes this bowl by Villeroy & Boch, whose Iconiccollection embodies the values of design, modernity and quality that are deeply rooted in the company's DNA. The versatile combinable parts convince with their minimal color range, glossy white and natural black. The Boule consists of two salad bowls, two flat bowls and two universal plates, as well as a serving plate. To decorate the table and beyond.

To gift to nostalgic people, fans of the Italian Collective founded by Ettore Sottsass

Price: €399.00

14. Missoni XMas collection, the home fragrance

The new Missoni graphics also dress the scented 'bougies' of the Italian house, in a game of dynamic weaves that envelop each piece of the new Nastri Collection. In this case in the tone of blue with a precious detail from the gold outline. The decoration is also available in black, amaranth, leather, agate, saffron. Missoni Tableware is produced and distributed under license by the Compagnia Italiana del Cristallo.

To gift to those who cannot help but return home and immerse themselves in fragrant environments.

Price: starting from €95.00

15. Weed'd

A little art, a little function. The Weed'd design bong is designed by Valerio Sommella and made of Italian ceramic to accompany moments of leisure and relaxation at home . With a contemporary style, it also lends itself simply as a furnishing object, or as an ideal partner for a smoking experience that merges modern aesthetics and classic references.

To gift to those who love vices, with style

Price: €170.00

16. The Wonder Box illy Art Collection by Judy Chicago

It is the Christmas version of the illy Art Collection designed by Judy Chicago, a multifaceted American artist and pioneer of the Feminist Art Movement. The illy Wonder Box contains 2 iAC Judy Chicago espresso cups + 2 125g jars (including a Tostato Classico illy blend 100% Arabica and a Tostato Intenso illy blend 100% Arabica). The cups represent four different female figures of historical importance such as Queen Marie Antoinette, Madame de Staël, novelist, philosopher and political essayist, and the writers George Sand and Virginia Woolf. A gift that recounts the roles and achievements of women throughout history, such as the transition from the social constraints historically imposed on them towards a place of cultural and creative freedom.

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To gift to female and male friends with whom you want to share a strong and timely message. In addition, of course, to all the collectors of the illy Art Collections

Cost: €75.00

17. The Brik umbrella stand by Pedrali

To welcome guests (and even themselves, when returning home) with a greeting in the name of design, Pedrali proposes Brik, the umbrella stand that plays down a merely functional object, with slightly pop color and shape. Characterized by a pure volume in polyethylene with a scratch-resistant matt finish, made with rotational molding, it is designed by Pio & Tito Toso.

Price: €266.00 VAT excluded

To gift to anyone who loves to tell a little about themselves, with irony and lightness

18. The Scents candles by Ludovica Mascheroni

Scents by Ludovica Mascheroni is the line of scented candles and room fresheners that mix precious and iconic materials of the brand such as oak wood and leather. The fragrance also contributes to warming the environment: an enveloping scent of leather, with vibrant notes, which perfectly marries the magic of the holidays.

A gift to anyone who pays attention to details

19. The new book 'Fast Cars, Slow Food' by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore

Presented in December by illycaffè and L'Ippocampo Edizioni, Slow Food, Fast Cars: Casa Maria Luigia – Stories and Recipes, is the new book by Chef Ambassador Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore, with the contribution of Jessica Rosval - Chef of Casa Maria Luigia, who presents a collection of 85 recipes made daily in the guest house.

Inaugurated by the Chef and his wife in 2019, Casa Maria Luigia is today a special place that offers culinary experiences, but also art and design objects, refined interiors and fascinating collections of pleasures, including one of cars and motorbikes and one dedicated to music with over 7,000 vinyls. All delights for the eyes and the heart that you can read about in the pages of the volume.

Massimo Bottura has been illy Chef Ambassador since January 2023, a collaboration that is consolidated with the company's support for the global tour to present the book, which after the UK and Italy, continues in various cities in the United States (Phaidon is the international publisher) .

To gift to those who love beauty

Price: €39.90

20. Ghost of Venini

A table lamp born from the skilful processing of glass which gives this object a perception of light movement, as if it were suspended in space. The iconic silhouette comes from an archive prototype that brings a playful touch to environments.

The shape refers to the iconic Fazzoletto vase by Venini, designed in 1948, but is given a contemporary feel thanks to its portable use.

To gift to those who find that classic is always synonymous with refinement. Albeit, in this case, with a touch of novelty

Price: €590

21. The Filare 24 wine bag, by Giorgetti with Pineider

Giorgetti and Pineider propose Filare 24, a leather bottle holder that elegantly combines functionality and fine finishes.

Available in three colors - cream, pumpkin and Prussian blue - the wine-bag made with a ruthenium teal structure, has two compartments to hold bottles. The external covering is in calfskin with visible stitching while the thermal interior, lined and covered in woven raffia, protects the bottles while maintaining their temperature.

To gift to those who love adventure (or even just trips out of town!), without ever forgetting the style at home

Price: €2023

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Cover photo: Pineider