From Ardennes stone to the new concrete effect, Fiorano Modenese's outdoor quest for excellence

There is an Italian way to excellence in surfaces that for years has translated into a sought-after balance of nature and artifice, where the former acts as inspiration and the latter is interpreted by the design expertise capable of translating the starting suggestions into products. On this path, the design and expertise of Atlas Concorde, the company from Fiorano Modenese, with almost sixty years of history, also active in the outdoor surfaces market, stand out.

Boost Mineral: in continuity with nature...

Creating a new harmony between architecture and nature is the aim of Boost Mineral, a collection of Atlas Concorde surfaces and coverings inspired by the sedimentary stone of the Ardennes plateau. The starting point is to create wellness environments in harmony with nature, creating in living spaces a sensory experience as close as possible to life in the open air. This new collection satisfies the desire for continuity and homogeneity of style in every context, including indoors. The texture of Boost Mineral echoes the characteristics of the original stone, traditionally worked with the bush-hammering technique, and expresses the authenticity of its natural essence.

... enhances details and inclusions

The fine and compact grain is exalted in Atlas Concorde's interpretation, which enhances details and inclusions capable of conferring personality and directing the style of the space. The material aspect of the surface enhances the signs of the action of tools and time with a slightly three-dimensional texture. The compact colour is interrupted in places by outcrops of minerals sedimented over the centuries that characterise the surface structure. The balance between the fine, rich grain and the natural colouring creates a surface with a contemporary and original style. The collection offers five colours that explore the grey scale.

Boost Balance: a new concrete effect

Boost Balance is inspired by the most refined look of cement, offering a colour palette of ten shades ranging from pure white to the most sophisticated greys and anthracite, from warm to cooler tones. The cement effect enhances the homogeneous colour of the original material and enriches it with shades inspired by the visual appearance of micro-cement, allowing the surface to acquire subtle and sophisticated variations without changing its smooth and compact texture. It is a collection designed to bring elegance and harmony, integrating the strong element of its neutral shades with the more complex suggestions of cement nuances.

Marvel Meraviglia: marble inspiration

Marvel Meraviglia is the collection designed to offer the design world that special, discreet elegance that encapsulates the history and future of aesthetic research inspired by marble. The Hammered finish, proposed for outdoor use, is a textured, marked finish that reproduces one of the oldest methods of working marble: the natural effect of "split" marble, with the eternal enchantment of a stone fresh from the quarry.